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culture | 12.02.2019

Billy Crystal Talks Smoking Weed With Jimmy

Have you heard about how Billy Crystal smoked weed with his grandpa back in 1967?

If you watch YouTube a lot you’ve probably seen grandmas doing dabs, old timers smoking weed for the first time and then maybe you’ve also seen old people smoking weed and listening to trap. Have you heard about how Billy Crystal smoked weed with his grandpa back in 1967? His gramps was a hip “orthodox jew” according to Crystal.  

Granddad the hipster

Billy explained on Jimmy Kimmel his granddaddy used to own a record store and jazz label, so his grandpa was around a lot of pot as a result. He explained how an incident with his grandpa inspired an episode on “The Comedians,” a show that was cancelled after one season. This FX show starred both Josh Gad and Billy Crystal back in 2015.

Bonding with grandpa

Jimmy asked if Billy did research for the episode where both Josh and him go to a grocery store stoned. Billy replied he’s a method actor, meaning a type of acting where the actor identifies closely with the character’s experiences. Then he goes on to tell the story about how he was home from college in 1967. He thought no one was around and starting smoking a joint. Then he heard a knock on his door, “You got a wet dog in there? What is that smell?” his grandfather asked. Billy replied, “Grandpa, do you want some?” and he handed him the J. His grandfather then said his ankles hurt and Billy told him, “They won’t hurt after this!” They both got stoned and his grandpa wanted to go shopping and this is what inspired the episode.

Getting stoned with your grandpa is a cute story to say the least. Do you have a story about getting high with your grandfather? Let us know about it on social media or in the comments below.

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