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culture | 01.01.2022

Snoop offers legal help to a teen who retweeted him with a joint

She got kicked off her high school basketball team. Now, her parents are suing.

A high school student in California got a nasty surprise when she was disciplined for sharing an image of Snoop Dogg on social media. School officials were no doubt offended that the young girl, Racquel Alec, a senior on the Sierra High basketball team, was showing love to the Dogg Father by sharing and liking a photo of him, joint in hand.

Snoop has since publicly stated that he supports the girl and posted a message on Instagram telling her legal team to get at his lawyers for help.

The shot callers in the Sierra Unified School District pointed to the images Alec was sharing as a punishable action. Evidently, they weren’t down with images of dank smoke—or anything related to it—hitting the timelines of their innocent teens. The district cited its policy against students sharing images related to sex or “drug propaganda,” according to reports. Alec’s parents lawyered up and challenged the school district, taking them to court for a civil rights violation.

The parents argued it’s free speech to share a Tweet of Snoop getting lifted. The lawsuit was filed in California’s Eastern District Court last month. The parents say the incident is more serious than basketball and joints, and that it fueled a serious downward spiral for their daughter. Alec’s mom Tami told the local paper that her daughter suffered a nervous breakdown due to getting banned from her ball team. She also stated that it ruined her chances of playing in college.

But, as it turns out, the whole incident might be connected to a vendetta the basketball coach has against the teen girl rather than a hatred toward the Long Beach gangster.

According to the Fresno Bee, the 18-year-old was the captain of her basketball team in 2016 when she was suspended for getting into beef with another student. The court complaint against the school calls out the one-time basketball coach, Cathy Lauritzen, for allegedly trying to set Alec up for a fall.

Lauritzen allegedly got another student who had access to Alec’s social media posts to look for something incriminating “with the intent of invading her privacy to humiliate, embarrass, harass and ridicule” the girl.

Of course, all of this is turning into good publicity for Snoop Dogg, who comes out looking totally supportive of his fans. He called the whole situation nonsense.

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