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culture | 12.05.2019

Watch Willie Nelson Get High In Hilarious New “Wacky Tobaccy” Video

Roughly fourteen years since Toby Keith let the world know that his weed party with Willie Nelson was over, it turns out that it is most definitely back on.

First, came “Weed With Willie” in 2003, where Toby Keith swore off getting high with Willie Nelson for good. Now that it is 2017, roughly fourteen years since Keith let the world know that the weed party was over, it turns out that it is most definitely back on. In his latest music video, Toby and Willie jam out on the tour bus while puff, puff, passing that good ol’ wacky tobaccy. And once those munchies hit, out comes the snacks. Be sure to check out Toby Keith smoking it up with Willie Nelson in the video below.

Willie Nelson and Toby Keith’s weed party is back on

After toking on Willie Nelson’s top-shelf pot, Willie’s Reserve, Toby Keith swore he would never smoke weed with the music legend again. But that was back in 2003. Now, the country singer is diving right back into that good ol’ wacky tobaccy.

Speaking of “Wacky Tobaccy,” that’s the title of Keith’s latest music video. And during that video, you’ll see a whole lot more smoke than red solo cups, that’s for sure.

At first, it may not seem like any smoking of the ganja is going on. But once Willie pops out of the bathroom and smoke comes pouring out, you know what time it is.

From there, Toby sings about the many ways to enjoy the wacky tobaccy. Then, he confesses his love for redhead sensimilla and how you should stay away from the fake stuff,

Homegrown is healthy, synthetic can kill ya, my all time favorite is redhead sensimilla.

Before you know it, the munchies strike and out comes the pizza, cheeseballs, and other tasty treats. But apparently, Toby would have rather had Frito’s.

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