health | 01.01.2022

Marijuana vs. Crystal Meth – A Funny (But True) Animation

In a humorous animation displaying the differences between hard drugs versus marijuana, marijuana faces off against crystal meth in a debate.

Yes, the title may look a bit much with “crystal meth” being in there, but this humorous animation goes a bit beyond that when you understand why marijuana is facing off against crystal meth. The whole point is that they are two totally different substances that one can truly harm your life compared to a natural plant that can have many benefits and does not pose incredibly dangerous threats compared to crystal meth.

What the messed up part is, which is a main piece of the purpose for the video, is that methamphetamine is actually a Schedule II drug, while marijuana continues to remain in the strictest classification possible as a Schedule I drug. So, this means that marijuana is much more harmful and addictive than crystal meth, right? And has “no currently accepted medical use”? We’ll leave that up to discretion in the marijuana vs. crystal meth debate.

However, we all should know the classification of cannabis is absolutely ridiculous. The even more ridiculous part is that it still continues to be classified as a Schedule I drug despite research, despite nearly half of the United States indicating there is in fact a “currently accepted medical use”, and despite the huge shift towards cannabis acceptance and responsible education.

One day it will all change. We are so close, and the state ballots for 2016 along with the presidential election will be the biggest influence as to where we will go regarding cannabis policies.

For now, enjoy the marijuana vs. crystal meth debate and enjoy some of the humor behind it!

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