The Geeb Gravity Bong

Ready To become a master of gravity? The Geeb is the best glass gravity bong in the industry. It is a revolutionary new part of the Fat Buddha Family of high-quality glass pieces. The Geeb is made of the thickest borosilicate glass around, giving you a sense of comfort and security you won’t find in other headshops.

  • 14mm Bowl
  • Joint: 14 mm
  • Borosilicate Water Chamber
  • Borosilicate Gravity Bottle
  • Rubber Base Catch
  • Length/Height: 13.5 in.

It is a difference that you can feel. The 14 mm female joint now fits any 14 mm male bowl and the flange at the top of the neck makes lifting the bottle a breeze. It even features a rubber stop at the bottom to ensure a smooth process.

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