Freeze Pipe Bubbler

Bubbler vs Bubbler Pro

Both are glass hammer style bubblers with a freezable glycerin chamber for icy smooth hits. The Bubbler Pro only comes as a Kit and features an upgraded percolator and glycerin coil. The entry-level Bubbler is one of the Top-3 highest rated Freeze Pipe products and is available as a kit or just the Bubbler itself. The glycerin coils in both options provide the same amount of cooling power, but the Pro’s is easier to clean with slightly better airflow. Either way, you’re going to love both styles.

  • Attachable glycerin chamber for shockingly smooth hits
  • 6-tree arm percolator in the Bubbler, double showerhead perc in the Bubbler Pro
  • Smoke is cooled and filtered twice
  • Highest quality borosilicate glass
  • 18 mm bowl size

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