Mini Bong

Arctic power in the palm of your hand. Our newest bong takes everything you love about our tried & true bong and shrinks it down to 1lb. Utilizing the most famous percs, and by way of many requests, yes it has a Honeycomb perc. Along with an Inline perc for a two-part filtration system of ultra-smoothness. We topped it off with our Revolver Coil to create the last mini bong you’ll ever use.

💦 Iconic Perc Combo

Honeycomb + Inline perc, you asked and it’s finally here

🔫 Revolver Glycerin Coil

Big pulls, little effort. Upgraded coil promotes better air-flow and easy cleaning

📏 The Definition of Compact & Portable

Thick glass and a wide base that rests in your palm

⏰ Freezes Quick & Stays Frozen

1-hour freeze is all you need, stays cold for the whole group sesh

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