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Carb Caps are essential for almost any domeless nail dabbing experience. To use a carb cap, heat up your heating element, place your oil or concentrate on your domeless nail, and then place the carb cap over it. While it may seem like an aesthetic glass topper for your nails, this dabbing accessory has the scientific purpose of helping you get the most out of your concentrates and seshes. Carb Caps come in many different styles. 

What Does a Carb Cap Do?

A Carb Cap for dabbing regulates the airflow and the pressure around the dab inside the nail. Task Rok invented the carb cap in 2013, and the term carb cap was coined because this dab accessory works very similarly to how the car’s carburetor regulates the airflow and heat around the engine. Different style carb caps are more applicable to certain types of dab nails and quartz bangers, but their purpose is always the same. By using a carb cap and this air control process, you will get more out of your dabs, not only saving you money but also making taking your dabs a more enjoyable and satisfying experience.

How Important Are Carb Caps For Quartz Bangers?

A carb cap can be an essential dab accessory to own. Without a dab carb cap for your quartz banger, you will likely be wasting a good amount of product by not capping your nail and creating airflow plus pressure around your dab rig bongs to aid in complete convection, which will give you the best-desired result. Creating this pressure and airflow and properly allowing your dabs to be vaporized with convection will preserve terpenes in your concentrates and produce a more significant amount of vapor.

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