Matte Grinder

MunchMakers presents the ultimate uplift to your cannabis accessory inventory with the Custom Matte Grinder. It’s a versatile addition tailored to meet the needs of your business and customers.

The durable aluminum construction allows for consistent and effective herb grinding motion without clogging or jamming. The silicone coating not only adds sophistication but also provides a comfortable grip during use. 

With its 4-piece structure, the Custom Matte Grinder ensures a fine grind, making it a must-have for businesses catering to cannabis enthusiasts who prioritize quality.

Using UV Print customization and with different size options, you can offer versions tailored to create a lasting impression and boost brand recognition among your customers. It’s not just a tool; it’s an accessory that enhances the overall cannabis experience.

Ground your weed for the ideal puff with MunchMakers Custom Matte Grinder. Want to take your cannabis business to the next level? Explore our lineup and find the best cannabis accessories options.

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