Take N’ Bake Special Pot Brownies

Take N’ Bake Special Pot Brownies are an easy and delicious new way to indulge in classic pot brownies.

Our mix uses a proprietary conversion process that turns THC distillate into a tasteless, powder-based format for precise dosing in every brownie.

Simply combine the pre-measured mix with water, oil, and egg, bake for the specified time, and voila – perfectly baked pot brownies every time!  And don’t worry about any cannabis aroma or taste.  Your kitchen will only smell like decadent chocolate and the brownies will taste delicious without any trace of cannabis.

With Take N’ Bake Special Pot Brownies, satisfy your cravings and get a dose of relaxation without any complicated pot butter recipes. So, grab your apron, preheat that oven, and let’s get baked!


  • 12 Brownies
  • 600mg Total THC

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