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Afternoon OilSaturday

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Made using a sophisticated CO2 extraction method, this oil is a dominant indica strain with a mellow THC potency of 10mg and a CBD potency of 12mg. Saturday Afternoon Oil has alpha-pinene and limonene terpenes that create a spicy, herbal and citrusy pine flavour and is intended for sublingual use rather than smoking or vaping.

This predominantly sativa oriented hybrid strain from Saturday will ease you into taking full advantage of your weekend. With a lower THC potency and a low but relatively equal CBD potency, this strain will perk you up, calm you down, and leave you perfectly balanced for the rest of the day. This Jack Herer derivative will lead you into a low-to-medium strength head high that’s euphoric and equally energetic.

Those with lower tolerances will find this oil perfect for a Saturday afternoon outside, and it’s a great beginner oil for those looking to ease into their cannabis journey. Take advantage of inconspicuously dosing oil on the go and let the day take you away!


10 mg/ml
12 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto