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4-Pack Rosin Infused Pre Rolls

Pre rolls are a great way for consumers to try out new strains and a fantastic way for companies to innovate with classic fan favorites like the joint. The CLSICS 4-pack rosin pre roll is a 0.7 g joint hand-crafted with California-grown, strain-specific cannabis and then paired with a rosin strain specifically selected to enhance the flavor profile of the flower and to deliver a strong dose of full-spectrum euphoria.

  • 0.7 g Total Net Weight/Pre Roll
  • 0.5 g Strain Specific Cannabis/Pre Roll
  • 0.2 g Rosin/Pre Roll
  • 4 Rosin-Infused Pre Rolls/Pack

With a total of 0.2 g of rosin per joint, you are guaranteed an extremely potent and accurately dosed rosin experience that will allow you to understand the difference between a high-end concentrate and other products that just don’t cut it. Purchasing a 4-pack makes sense for individuals with close knowledge of their cannabis needs and an appetite for quick smoke breaks that pack a punch.



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