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Super Silver Haze

Beautifully hand finished pre-rolls, these contain precise amounts of premium flower (never trim) and showcase an even burn to consistently deliver an exceptional result. Each joint contains 0.5 grams of craft-cured, finely milled Super Silver Haze flower.

Super Silver Haze is a sativa derived cultivar with strong roots traced back to varieties such as Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze genetic lineage. This strain has a considerably strong THC potency of 12% – 18%. The crop is grown aeroponically in London, Ontario, to produce terpene rich and flavourful buds.

Expect strong aromas from terpenes such as: Beta- Pinene, which deliver strong coniferous aromas of pine and herbs such as sage and rosemary; Beta-Caryophyllene also contributes spicy aromas of pepper, cloves and balsam; and finally P-Cymene drives strong aromas of cumin, thyme and coriander.





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