Despite the recent legalization, Colorado still has a serious lack of cannabis-friendly hotels. However, Richmond Meyer just had a grand opening for Nativ Hotel – the first openly 420-friendly hotel in downtown Denver.

What’s so awesome about it? There are marijuana-friendly balconies to smoke from, as well as a café called CanBria that serves coffee with imported CBD.

“So you have your terpenes and your CBD and it’s getting infused in 10-milligram dosages into four of our coffees,” stated Meyer. “My partner has concocted different elixirs for different situations — like hangover drinks.”

Creating the first outwardly marijuana-friendly hotel in Denver was a smart move, given the surge of cannabis tourism that’s been flooding Colorado, and there’s little to no doubt other hotels and/or entrepreneurs will follow in their footsteps.

We’re eager to see how this one plays out.