We all know that Mary Jane is beautiful—and it’s a beauty that should be admired often. We’re sure you do that anyway, but just in case you need a reminder, here are 10 beautiful bud shots for your viewing pleasure.

Pass the Blueberry Afgoo, Mr. Magoo.

Screen shot 2015 06 23 at 12.20.58 PM 10 Most Amazing Bud Shots
Photo credit: Erik Christiansen via

Each strain has a unique personality according to photographer Erik Christiansen, who captures and features over 170 strains on his website (nugshots) and in his book, GREEN: A Field Guide to Marijuana. For the book, he even noted the smells, tastes, and physical effects he experienced. These closeup shots give new life and detail to marijuana images not seen before.

Weed Zen.

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Photo credit: icecream-and-cigarettes

This shot is a combination of keif and bud arranged in the style of a Zen garden. A beautiful and creative shot. We could see ourselves lounging under that tree.

Pretty lady.

Purple Nug Photo 10 Most Amazing Bud Shots
Photo credit: The Weed Blog

This female cannabis flower is ready for harvest with gorgeous purple and green accents. The thin leaves points to a Sativa strain that provides users with a euphoric high.

Weed leaf made of weed buds.

l marijuana buds 1200x675 1024x576 10 Most Amazing Bud Shots
Photo credit: Newsworks

Cannabis buds in the familiar shape of their parents leaf. These are three different strains of marijuana shown at Med Grow Cannabis College in Southfield Michigan.

Cannabis close-up.

IMG 0218 1024x683 10 Most Amazing Bud Shots
Photo credit: Cannabis Culture

This is an up-close and personal look at a cannabis bud with the mushroom-looking trichomes that ooze aromatics and oils with THC and CBD. When dried these trichomes become the concentrate called keif.

Party favors?

super colorful buds 440x309 10 Most Amazing Bud Shots
Photo credit: iheartmarijuana

These digitally enhanced cannabis buds show extremely vibrant colors in a perfectly formed cola. Despite their enhancement, they still look mighty smokable.

Who’s your Granddaddy?

gdp123 10 Most Amazing Bud Shots
Photo credit: houseofcannabis

This is a shot of Granddaddy Purple cannabis from the Indica plant producing cerebral euphoria and a relaxing high. Introduced in 2003 from California, this strain has become a rising star in the cannabis world.

Jack the Ripper Train Wrecked the Trinity.

IMAG1182 2 1024x555 10 Most Amazing Bud Shots
Photo credit: medicalmarijuanastrains

The Chernobyl strain is a mix of Train Wreck, Jack the Ripper and Trinity and falls into the sativa category. This strain has a hint of lime and citrus and encourages you to enjoy your day without the haze. Perfect for a summer’s day.

Rick Ross knows what’s up.

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Photo credit: Jay Blessed

Rapper Rick Ross shows off a massive cannabis bud on his Instagram account. Rick Ross has been very outspoken on his marijuana use within his songs and media—despite being arrested multiple times on specific marijuana charges. You can’t have it all, right?

Marijuana Morgan Hybrid.

tumblr n3433r7GUr1rentpao1 500 10 Most Amazing Bud Shots
Photo credit: GoodMarijuana

We just can’t help ourselves.

Got any more Morgan Freeman marijuana pictures? Share those and any other of your favorite weed pictures with us!



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