Most people can clearly identify when someone is stoned. If you don’t have the stereotypical red and faded eyes, how should you act to fool the folks around you that you are completely sober? Check out the video from Budd Feed below…

Step 1. Be Cool

The easiest way to get caught being high is the classic paranoia of actually being caught. When you let those thoughts enter your head, it’s game over. In scary situations around your family, the best thing to do is pretend you haven’t smoked at all. You just tell yourself that you are completely and 100% sober. Conversations will flow easily and you should be able to function just fine.

Did You Take 20 Dabs?

If so, you should avoid other human beings at all costs. Unless of course you are with other dabbers and you couldn’t care less what they think. Also, if your tolerance is through the roof, then maybe 20 dabs is just another Sunday afternoon and you should be just fine. Otherwise, dabbing and family time or being in public usually do not make for a fun experience.

Continue With Your Normal Routine

As most of you already know, getting high can enhance activities that would normally be considered regular. Going for a hike with your parents can be much more enjoyable when you are already elevated before you even start climbing. And when you reach the top, you should be just as physically high as you are feeling. Be careful to avoid this mistake. Don’t do things that require lots of brain power or physical stamina! Depending on the strain you’ve consumed, you should stick to simple and enjoyable activities that are associated with that specific type of bud. Indica smoker? Maybe go to an aquarium and enjoy the sights. Sativa lover? Try going for a nice bike ride through the countryside.

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