Now that hemp is being used to build everything from car parts to batteries, what could possibly make it easier to use as a building material? Why 3D printable hemp, of course! Already there is a company out there that has constructed a massive 3D printer for constructing entire houses on the spot. Imagine doing that with hemp fiber based material, providing a naturally insulated, fire-resistant structure. 

The Future Is Here

This short video clip is an example of how the 3D printing industry is getting ready to make leaps and bounds with printable materials. Hemp is tough and durable, yet easily malleable into many forms. With a tensile strength higher than steel and only 1/8th the weight, the number of applications is limitless! From the humble beginnings of this simple pen, to space shuttle heat shields and flexible batteries, it is time to integrate this amazing natural material into our lives. Anything made from plastic can be made from hemp, and hemp is biodegradable!

Green Spring At Hemp Expo

A company “founded by veterans determined to make smarter energy choices for our country”, Green Spring Technologies is making headway by developing applications for a new 3D printing filament that is made from hemp! They were on hand at the #nocohempexpo in Colorado to show off their capabilities. This is the 3rd annual Expo for the revival of industrial and nutritional hemp production in Colorado and around the world. With over 100+ exhibitors and vendors, the event featured 2 days of education, workshops, entertainment, and eye-opening policy updates.

What?! 3D Printed Hemp! Green Spring Technologies using a LULZBOT 3D Printer live demo at #nocohempexpo making pens and tiny American Flags – The future of hemp is now! #GrowOurFuture

Posted by Hemp History Week on Friday, April 1, 2016


Do you have any amazing products you use that are made from hemp? Post a picture and let’s see how many different ones we can put together! Do you have a 3D printer? Show us the coolest thing you have made! Share your creations on social media or in the comments section below.