Canada’s premium line of medical marijuana, D.S. & FITZ has made a name for itself by offering unique strains cultivated through cutting-edge, pesticide-free horticultural practices.

CannaCaps: What you need to know

simply decarb cannabis science 1 CannaCaps By D.S. & FITZ Deliver Your Perfect Dosage
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With innovation and client experience at the forefront of everything it does, D.S. & FITZ has now reinvented the way medical marijuana is consumed through its newly released CannaCaps, the only decarboxylated product on the market today.

Using a proprietary method and exacting scientific standards, D.S. & FITZ has decarboxylated a high THC and hybrid strain, thereby eliminating the need to further heat the cannabis.

As a result of a fine milling process, the milled bud has the consistency of flour and is ready to be placed in capsules for oral consumption.

The perfect dosage

caps1 CannaCaps By D.S. & FITZ Deliver Your Perfect Dosage
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D.S. & FITZ supplies all accessories including the capsule machine and empty capsules free with each order. CannaCaps are offered both in a high THC and a 1:1 THC/CBD variant.

A high CBD product is expected to be released by the end of November.

The capsules can hold up to 0.5 grams. At max capacity, each capsule will deliver 65mg of THC for the High THC and 18mg of THC and 19mg of CBD for the 1:1.

Aside from being a convenient, smoke-free option, the fine-milled cannabis is also ideal for use with protein shakes, smoothies. and cooking.

To become a D.S. & FITZ client with access to CannaCaps register here.