We’ve already determined how much better climaxing is while high. Women in particular report experiencing longer, more intense and even multiple orgasms in the bedroom (or wherever else) while high on that stuff. But which strain provides the best sexual experience, indica or sativa? If you’re looking to cannabis maximize your orgasmic satisfaction, knowing which strains might work best can get you where you need to be quick, fast and in a hurry.

So, which is better for orgasms: Indica or Sativa?

The Weed Youre 2 This Is How Indicas And Sativas Affect Your Orgasms Differently
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Sativa is the winner here, folks. Here’s why. Sativa can promote an invigorating and energetic effect that can quicken heart rate and increase blood flow to those sensitive areas. According to Lisa Kirkman, a sex columnist, cannabis prompts the release of oxytocin (the love hormone). But when it comes to which one is better for sex, Kirman says,

Sativas have the effect of contracting muscles, which improves performance.

Whereas, many pure indicas could possibly make one feel too lethargic or paranoid for sex. Though sativas are preferred for better sex and heightened arousal, your best bet according to Kirkman, is to shoot for a hybrid.

Mixes of around 70/30 (sativa/indica) work better than those with 100% indica or sativa.

This is based on the fact that too much of either strain can leave someone too stoned to experience great sex.

Green Crack is a sativa that ranks highly on the arousal scale. While Sour Dream is a hybrid that offers an uplifting high, eases anxiety is also known to put one in a sexy mood.

But indicas can be great too

grandaddy purple This Is How Indicas And Sativas Affect Your Orgasms Differently
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Many users of popular indica strains like Grandaddy Purple, Hindu Skunk and Danky Doodle report some of the best sex of their lives on these strains. Indicas are known to produce slow, full body orgasms.

A highly recommended hybrid that prompts users to throw away their Viagra is Atomic Northern Lights. It’s 35:65 indica/sativa and has been reported to greatly enhance the sexual experience.

Going direct

lube2 This Is How Indicas And Sativas Affect Your Orgasms Differently
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And here’s another tip, cannabis-based lubricants are becoming more and more popular for weed sex enthusiasts. However, if you’re not in California, they can be hard to find. But don’t despair, a homemade lube made from cannabis-infused coconut oil is said to work wonders.

Everyone is different, so the key here will be to experiment with indicas and sativas until you come up with the right formula for you.