In an episode of his new show, “Hotel Hell,” celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay visited a medical cannabis establishment and fell back on the stereotypical stoner for laughs.

Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel hell

There’s no doubt that you’ll be familiar with the celebrity chef that is Gordon Ramsay, the star of many reality shows, which has him loosing his cool and swearing his way around the kitchens of the world.

His current show is Hotel Hell, where Ramsay visits struggling mom and pop businesses to help turn their prospects around and making the said businesses a success.

In one particular episode, Ramsay visits a hotel in Oregon, which is run by a cannabis-loving man by the name of Richard but prefers to be called “Pa Butt.” As he says in the clip, “We’re just ‘butt-lings’ all of us running around here.”

Of course, when it comes to mainstream media, such a character is made out to be the stereotypical stoner – and this time is no different. From the moment Ramsay enters the place, the production makes light on that stereotype, starting with nobody there to meet “Sweary Poppins.” That continues when the celebrity chef presses a button for “the buzz to summon a human with answers,” which cuts to Pa Butt sitting back, smoking a joint with a dog at his side and not coming to investigate.

It’s safe to say that the whole piece is played for cheap laughs, with Ramsay playing it up and saying that he loves fresh herbs (and acting like he doesn’t know what weed smells like). Just to put a negative spin on it all, Ramsey also says that the owner is, obviously, “high as a kite.”