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Today is a celebration

Looking at this great country through the lenses of a visitor, a traveller and a connoisseur of that fine herb, we ask again: How much weed can we acquire with an Andrew Jackson note?

Cheech and Chong do the peaceful-stoner-vibe some justice on their quick segment debate on medicinal marijuana in this video Bill O’Reilly.

Weed around the world comes in all shapes and prices, but South Africa takes the cake when it comes to bang for your buck.

weed in south africa

These tips will be essential for beginners and seasoned veteran growers alike. Keeping things simple and with the desired purpose in mind, we look at some basic nutrients that will give your plants the ultimate yield.

Tobacco kills, THC heals. We take a look at the main differences between two culturally celebrated plants; Marijuana and Tobacco.

As the world makes progress to end the War on Drugs, where does the UK stand in the issues of cannabis legalization? Moving forward or losing ground?

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