Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee is an artist/activist writer living in Boulder, Colorado. He collaborates projects at with Ralph Steadman, Ron Whitehead, and many other eccentric talents. He enjoys the companionship of good friends including modern rock musicians and the beat era poets. In his free time he enjoys traveling, skateboarding, and Tai Chi.

Flynt believes the American Dream is gone along with people’s free will, having been destroyed by government and corporate interest, as he fights for legal cannabis.

With the newest lab tested methods of a “live resin” extraction things have taken a turn for even more medicinally beneficial highs and top-end potency to bare.

The police often say they smell marijuana just to insure a reason for probable cause so that they can search a person’s vehicle. But more times than not they are simply throwing this to the air so they can have a chance to look in on you.

Tired of rolling those old burnt-black weed roaches you’ve been collecting for the last few weeks? Why reroll them at all when you can make a filter for your joints? Here we show you the tricks of making a filter so you can smoke the joint all the way to the end.

Smoking herb is euphoric; enhancing creative energies and making the joys of daily life and recreational activities fun and enjoyable. We look at some awesome things to do when smoking your mouth-watering ganja.

A good stoner always wants to get the most out of his buds.  In this article we will tell you how to increase the level of THC in your yields to get the most frosty and flavorful trichomes and the best highs possible out of them.

A Utah Native American Church sues the federal government for seizing 5 ounces of marijuana it sent in the mail to a cancer patient who uses the medicine religiously for holistic health and healing.

The G4:20-C vaporizer pen is an awesome on-the-go concentrate pen for all your waxes, oils, and shatters. Sleek, simple design and easy access features make this a top of the line product for any dab user.  

What are the top reasons why it is much better to shop for your weed at dispensaries over dealing with those late night dealers of an illegal state, all with that wrapped sense of paranoia and fear associated with arrest and a lofty criminal record?

Facebook have reopened two New Jersey dispensary pages after closing multiple pages last weekend.

Very soon hemp could be replacing your old car batteries, making them run more efficiently, environmentally safe, and longer lasting.

We went to a top-secret location to investigate a private grow operation, taking a deeper look at just how pure head-kicking concentrates are made from the cannabis plant.

It’s been claimed that 70% of cannabis users are tobacco smokers or have at least smoked it in conjunction with marijuana at one time or another.

Mary’s Medicinals is a multi-award winning new cannabis invention that works much like that of a nicotine patch, allowing users to apply it directly to the skin to receive a highly accurate dose of medication.

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