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Christopher Teague has been writing for the HERB and the cannabis community for years. He is also Founder / President / Creative Director for The Official Cannabis Book of World Records. Unity through Compassion!

Can cannabis-related businesses use advertising to overcome old stereotypes? The answer is yes – if you know how to play the game.

Cannabis-Related Businesses

The Prince of Pot, Marc Emery, is a legend in the fight to legalize cannabis. Now, the Emery’s have opened a dispensary in Vancouver.

Prince Of Pot

This handy walk-through guide should help even new to the scene smokers buy their first bong, and find a match made in Heaven.

first bong

The only thing better than being interviewed about being high while actually high? Meeting a cute and chill sloth! Watch these stoned people make a new best friend.

Was Woody Harrelson one of the chosen 8 that will be allowed to open Hawaii dispensaries as soon as July 15th?

If you need an ace in your pro-cannabis arguments, when people cry about a lack of hard evidence, there is only one number you need to know.

United States Patent 6630507

The family of a 2-year-old boy is moving to Colorado after cannabis oil almost completely stopped his attacks.

Theses states are enjoying a sellers market, but what does it mean as a whole?

A video of NFL draft prospect Laremy Tunsil smoking out of a gas mask bong was leaked just 13 minutes before the draft pick.

A mother in Michigan was trapped by a decision: Continue to trust in her sick daughter’s doctors, or give her relief with cannabidiol oil.

Iceland is the biggest smoking nation in the world. With so many tokers in such a small area, how easy is it to score a $20 bag of good weed in Iceland?

Everyone has their favorite way of enjoying the herb. If you prefer the concentrated power and flavor of dabs, then you will love the 710Box from Buddabox.

In a recent interview, the senator hinted that although he is lenient in his thinking of legalizing cannabis, this is not the case with all substances.

A growing number of patients claim marijuana treatment for addiction helped them drop their dependency to prescribed pharmaceuticals and illegal narcotics.

What the activists were led to believe would occur at the “bud summit” meeting, and what actually happened, are two very different things.

A brother and sister have been given the harshest possible sentence for cultivating cannabis in Missouri, the same maximum sentence for manslaughter.

President Enrique Pena Nieto is open to the legalization of medical marijuana, and says his government will announce new measures in the near future.

“The condition is children, jobs, life”, one woman responded when asked why she had a medical marijuana card.

Tired of doing all the lung work? Need A Saturday Night Activity? Then why not try making this sweet waterfall bong.

Finally, those who have put themselves on the line to serve our country are going to get the same opportunities as regular citizens.

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