I am 25 years old, currently located in Montréal. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology along with a Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology and Genomics. I have a passion for music but my real strength is Arts. I am currently trying to find a path that resonates with my interest and my values. Having worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for the past three years, I realized that I wanted to do something that resonates better with who I am, something more organic that really serves the people. My goal is to eventually work in Cannabis research, and in order to do that I want to open my horizons and start concentrating on my real interests. On the less serious side of things, there are three things that are an absolute must in my life: Painting, Music and Nature. These are the elements that keep me going. I am a motivated and energetic person, and I love challenges that serve my personal growth and contribute to positive changes.

The subject of marijuana being used to treat Epilepsy has caused an uproar in the medical and political worlds’ in recent years. We take a look at how marijuana can hep treat epilepsy.

As more research is uncovered, medical marijuana is fast becoming a viable treatment for many chronic disease and illness. If you want to know whether medical marijuana is right for you, read on.

medical marijuana

While the topic of Marijuana and glaucoma are considered debatable, new light is shining on Marijuana’s neuroprotective properties.

Marijuana and glaucoma

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