Evan Hundhausen

Passions include writing, indie author on Amazon, house music, DJ-ing. I live in Colo-RAD-o where the mountains are rocky and the only green foliage we get in these parts are marijuana plants.


Dr. Gupta admitted he was all wrong about weed back in 2013. Nowadays he’s changed his mind and he’s ready for a medical marijuana revolution.

Texas and oil go hand in glove, but a different kind of oil business could be coming to the state.

cannabis oil texas

A proposal for a ballot initiative and an amendment to a bill in the state would cap recreational THC at 15 or 16%.

Can you cure your pot paranoia with a pepper shaker? According to Neil Young, it’s the way to go.

Have you heard about how Billy Crystal smoked weed with his grandpa back in 1967?

Dixie cups and duct tape can take you places? Inventor Larry Fenner knows all about it because he turned his homemade clone shipping container into a viable marijuana business after getting funded by an event hosted by The ArcView Group, the country’s #1 cannabis industry forum.

There’s a huge amount of insane marijuana inventions out there and we’ve listed 5 cra-cra ones you can start assimilating into your marijuana lifestyle immediately. Check them all out!

Video games are cool, but weed games are cooler! Here are 5 weed games sure to keep you entertained on your computer.

Want good relations with your weed dealer? You’ll never p*** them off ever again after reading these 7 things!

Weed gadgets just get cooler and cooler in these “high times” we’re living in. Check out 5 of them here.

Almost a year ago a special agent named Matt Fairbanks made national headlines with comments about rabbits eating more than just carrots. DEA Fairbanks actually said he’d seen stoned rabbits and he’s quoted in an article from the Washington Post as saying, “I deal in facts. I deal in science.” Yeah right, dude!

The state of Colorado offers 300 days of sunshine, nature, skiing, and if you’re 21 … you can buy the green stuff!

Denver Dispensaries

2015 was a big year for Marijuana Sales- a $5.4 Billion dollar year in fact! Is this trend set to continue?

Times are changing. 3D Printers now pump out water pipes! Want one? Read on.

There’s nothing like some good reggae music. For your listening pleasure here’s a list of 20 reggae tracks paying tribute to the herb!

Check out these dab art sculptures you need to see. It’s official- getting high is an art form!

Check out this video on how to make your own potent kief oil!

Two drug smugglers got high and thought they were being tailgated by an unmarked police car. What they did next was next-level paranoid!

The Chong Bongs are now harder and harder to find thanks to the feds confiscating most of them during the 2003 “Operation Pipe Dreams” raid, and, therefore, are collector’s items.

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