Evan Hundhausen

Passions include writing, indie author on Amazon, house music, DJ-ing. I live in Colo-RAD-o where the mountains are rocky and the only green foliage we get in these parts are marijuana plants.


This Playboy video is worth watching to learn insights about the history of these two substances.

We’re here to offer some advice on how to introduce erotic weed products to your special someone.

Dr. Gupta admitted he was all wrong about weed back in 2013. Nowadays he’s changed his mind and he’s ready for a medical marijuana revolution.

Now you can smoke in style with this smokers armchair, made with the finest materials in Germany and custom made for you and your weed lifestyle.

If there was a “best day ever” it could very well be 420, and if you are living or visiting sunny Cali there’s a whole slew of great events you can get to.

What are you going to eat on 420? Why not check out these delicious recipes from the HERB Cookbook Kitchen to help make your 420 super tasty.

The world’s perspective on marijuana has been changing quickly in the past couple of years, so the time is ripe for the old stoner stereotype to start fading away.


Texas and oil go hand in glove, but a different kind of oil business could be coming to the state.

cannabis oil texas

Like to spend hours looking at funny & cool stuff? Us too. Make sure your weed Instagram game is on point with these 10 pages, dedicated to the ‘erb.

Jack Herer is very popular strain and was also a very influential cannabis activist during the past century.

Netflix + Chill + Weed = the perfect Saturday night. Are we right?!


Let’s go back … way back. A legendary hippie & an anonymous surfer dude tell us how they did things back in the ’70s. Pure Gold.

A proposal for a ballot initiative and an amendment to a bill in the state would cap recreational THC at 15 or 16%.

Check out these 7 female DC and Marvel comics superhero and supervillain named strains.

Dogs have a great sense of smell. Imagine your dog brought a bag of weed home in his mouth? This actually happened in Mississippi!

It happened and I inhaled at DINK the first annual independent comic and art expo held in Denver, Colorado this past March 25th – 26th.


“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” the movie is coming out real soon! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually find some marijuana strains named after them? It’s true. You can.

Snoop Dogg interviewed the guys from the “Trailer Park Boys” on his GGN Network and then got on the show. Yeah, he did. He will be in an episode during Season 10 which will air March 28th on Netflix.

In homage to the next series of the greatest show ever made, try these GOT strains.

Can you cure your pot paranoia with a pepper shaker? According to Neil Young, it’s the way to go.

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