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Jane is a Product Writer at Herb. She has experience as a freelance journalist and PR specialist. Jane’s favourite things to write about include health and wellness, arts and culture, and anything cannabis related.


While attitudes about parents who smoke weed are changing, it’s sometimes still necessary to keep your sesh discreet. These are the five best smoking essentials for parents who smoke weed in private.

Woman relaxing on a couch, smoking a cigar and watching a video on a tablet. These are essentials for parents who smoke weed.

These LL Cool J inspired papers come in everything from coconut to Jamaican rum.

Celebrate Summer With These Flavored Rolling Papers

Here are our best cost-effective ways to put together your own vaporizer kit.

Make Your Own Vape Starter Kit For Less Than $100

Putting your gas station lighter to shame.

4 reasons to add electric lighters to your stash

Desktop vaporizers keep your lungs healthy while ensuring that the flavours of your favourite cannabis strains aren’t distorted.

5 Best Desktop Vaporizers

Convection vapes make sure your flower doesn’t get singed.

The 3 Best Convection Vaporizers Of 2018 For Dry Herb

Vapes fall into two main categories.

Dry Herb vs. Concentrate Vaporizers: What's Better?

The best options for clean tokes.

5 Healthiest Vapes on the Planet

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