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Jason & Antonia a Joint venture

Antonia Whyte is a dedicated cannabis enthusiast, activist, and advocate. She has over 30 years learning about all things in the cannabis industry. Antonia has dedicated her life to fighting for the rights of all people to use cannabis as they see fit. Antonia is known by many as the encyclopedia of cannabis knowledge, laws, and history. Antonia spent most of the 90's and early 2000's fighting against the Rockefeller laws and the 50/50 laws. She currently spends most of her time fighting for the rights of veterans and other mentally ill people to use cannabis as their medicine of choice. Being a schizophrenic herself she knows from personal experiences cannabis works, and people with mental illnesses don't get the help they deserve. Jason grew up in Indiana. Where he worked as a machinist and grew marijuana underground until he went to college. Originally studied Psychology eventually graduated with an AA in business management. Jason currently spends his time traveling with Antonia assisting her with her illness and business ventures.