Kate Blackstone

Friendly public relations expert from Toronto. Passionate writer. Professional food lover. Tv junkie. Freelance coffee connoisseur. Pro-legalization advocate, looking to spread the word about why and how cannabis can change the future!


By 2016, ten states are considering legalization. But, could a few ill-informed GOP presidential candidates jeopardize this? Maybe..

Was Sarah Silverman high at the Emmy Awards? After E!’s Red Carpet “Clutch cam” it would seem, yes!

Was Sarah Silverman high at the emmys

Did you guys hear that? What was it? I think someone is here… is it the cops? Nope.. Chances are you’re high and paranoid!

When you're high and paranoid

Nowadays there is an increasingly wide range of edibles on the market for both medical and recreational use. We take a look at some of the top contenders.

Mirth edibles

An entire family of medical marijuana growers is headed for prison despite not breaking any laws

Firestack-Harvey Family

Can dogs get high from cannabis? Short answer, yes. Is it safe? Read on to find out..

Can dogs get high

Each year cancer kills nearly 600,000 Americans. However now, the National Cancer Institute has released a report stating marijuana kills cancer

Weed Kills Cancer

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