Kyle Muckian

Relaxed, Positive, constantly laughing. I have a background in Forensic Psychology and Philosophy. Love to Travel and love the idea of not working 9-5 for someone else.

If you want to move into a higher state of consciousness and head to a galaxy far far away, then the UFO joint is for you.

ufo joint

Whether you’re with the Rebel Alliance or part of the Imperial Forces, on this most sacred sci-fi day, may the fourth be with you.

Many sufferers know the positive results from CBD-rich marijuana extracts. Watch the video below to see for yourself the power of marijuana on epilepsy.

With a staggering 99% THC content, “Dragon Balls” are amber spheres of cannabis extracts as pure and beautiful as it gets.

Many marijuana users are wondering if it’s better eating marijuana as pot edibles instead of smoking it. What’s behind the interest in marijuana edibles?

Eating Marijuana

You may have caught a glimpse, or sniff, of one of these on the streets of Amsterdam. Here’s a lesson on how to roll a Dutch Tulip spliff.

Marijuana may contain a chemical that can help fight cigarette addiction, according to exciting new research.

If you are a fan of some serious herbal origami, then this instructional video for a scorpion joint is for you.

On his History channel show, aptly called “10 Things You Don’t Know About”, Henry Rollins digs into America’s deep and long history with hemp and marijuana.

There are some stoner accessories that you should never be without if you want to live this life.

There is something about smoking some grass between rolled papers that you can’t get from using a pipe or a bong.

Gaming and marijuana go together and like peanut butter and jam (assuming you don’t have a nut allergy). This video merges the two perfectly.

Wondering how to roll a Backwoods blunt? Roll like a boss with these five easy steps.

How to Roll a Backwoods Blunt

Nike is already looking ahead to next month’s 4/20. Just like years past, the Swoosh has designed a commemorative sneaker for the special occasion.

Can you guess which one of these girls smokes weed every day?

Edibles are yummy, but are you using these 8 tips when eating them?

The boys from HashbarTV are at it again with huge slabs of shatter, foot long dabs and live resin hash oil, showing us the finest sticky on offer.

Vaping is out to save the world!

Check out these shoes that are good enough to eat.

You probably know some of these celebs use marijuana recreationally, but you may not know they also use it medicinally to treat a number of ailments.

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