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I am from Pennsylvania where I lived until moving to Denver in 2013. My interest in the cannabis industry is what drew me to Colorado. I am an aspiring Industrial Hemp Baron, golfer, FIFA champ, long boarder, dog lover, and a potculture trendsetter. Send me a message with any post ideas or industry news. Thanks for making me the writiest of the righters!

When it is the cold and flu season, and if you are marijuana user, you might wonder how it affects you if you are sick. We take a look at whether it’s ok to smoke weed when sick.

smoke weed when sick

CBD hemp oil is proving itself to be safe and effective in treating epilepsy and autism. Families all over the world are beginning to use CBD as a treatment, but will the government approve?

cannabis helps boy speak

Supporters for marijuana legalization may have met their newest opponent. Kevin Sabet is the leader of Project Sam a hybrid anti-marijuana group.

kevin sabet

There is always work to be done around the house. Chores are often daunting, so make them more enjoyable by getting high!

Every group of smoking buddies have their own set of spoken and unspoken rules for smoking marijuana. Take a look at this list of ten rules for smoking marijuana that you should always follow.

rules for smoking marijuana

New Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may not currently use marijuana, but he vowed to introduce legislation that would legalize weed in all of Canada.


We have reached high noon in the showdown – marijuana vs. tobacco companies – and the war is taking place in the hallways of Capital Hill.

marijuana vs tobacco

We knew cannabis was grown thousands of years ago in China, but now, 2 pounds of the world’s oldest weed has be discovered.

world's oldest weed

Those of us who smoked marijuana before there was any form of legalization know very well what it is like to get weed from a shady dealer.

shady dealer

If you’re in a bind and don’t have a grinder, or you don’t want to spend $50 on one, these quick and cheap methods show you how to make a grinder at home.

how to make a grinder

Marijuana – you can smoke it, you can eat it, you can vape it, AND you can drink it! So here is the top 10 rundown of the cannabis drinks on the market.

cannabis drinks cannapunch

The cannabis plant is like the MacGyver of the flora universe. Now, you can build your house using hemp fibers!

houses made from hemp

Marijuana enthusiasts are often like fresh, natural buds. So how do you not contaminate this with butane lighters or torches? The answer – a solar hit.

We’ve got a number of tips to help you re-moisten dry weed – check out the popular orange peel technique and others.

re-moisten dry weed

If you think legalization has reduced the number of marijuana arrests in the country, think again – the arrest rates are still outrageous.

marijuana arrests

Movies as heavily influenced by marijuana as “Marley” is, don’t often get by me – but this one did. It’s a must see for all Bob Marley fans!

Bob marley movie

Understanding the difference between hemp and cannabis begins with two primary distinctions – the scientific and the legal difference.

difference between hemp and cannabis

The federal government will not legalize marijuana for medical or recreational use, and yet the government own marijuana patents… What’s the deal?

government own marijuana patents

Think twice before you post your next marijuana photo or #(insert weed reference), because the pesky agents at the DEA are most likely creeping on your profiles.

Since marijuana was legalized in Washington D.C. there has been a huge drop in marijuana-related arrests.

Washington see drop in marijuana arrests

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