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I am from Pennsylvania where I lived until moving to Denver in 2013. My interest in the cannabis industry is what drew me to Colorado. I am an aspiring Industrial Hemp Baron, golfer, FIFA champ, long boarder, dog lover, and a potculture trendsetter. Send me a message with any post ideas or industry news. Thanks for making me the writiest of the righters!

Men are 46% more likely to be regular marijuana smokers than women. So, guys here are a few things you need to know about marijuana and testicles.

Marijuana and testicles

Since Oregon began recreational marijuana sales on October 1st, it seems like you can’t walk too far in any direction without running into a dispensary – especially in Portland.

As marijuana supporters, when the government takes a stance on marijuana, we should pay special attention. Here is a look at what the NCI says about the medical properties of cannabis.

Vape oil pens are handy but do they have the same effects? If you were given the choice between smoking herb and a vapeoil pen, which would you choose?

Vapeoil pens

Contrary to popular belief, smoking more weed than normal will not necessarily get you any higher. So have you considered mini joints to get the perfect high without wasting your precious herb?

Mini Joints

While dispensaries continue to print money, they are faced with a question – where to store all this cash? Some believe marijuana bitcoins are the answer.

Researchers at Washington State University are developing a marijuana breath testing device to help discourage smokers from getting behind the wheel.

Marijuana breath testing

Smoking etiquette is different everywhere. When it comes to smoking bowls there is one constant rule of thumb – if you are with a group, corner a bowl.

How to corner a bowl

Native Roots, a Colorado chain of marijuana dispensaries recently opened a marijuana gas station next to one of its Colorado Springs locations.

For some New Yorkers in urgent need of medical marijuana, the wait is now over. NY Governer has provided early access to medical marijuana.

What you might not know about the war on drugs is just how expensive it is, and just how much the DEA are spending.


Snoop has had a busy month. He recently launched his new marijuana lifestyle website Merry Jane and now he unveiled his marijuana brand Leafs by Snoop.

Leafs by snoop

San Francisco Girl Scout Danielle Lei clearly understands the economic principles of supply and demand. Noticing that marijuana users often have the munchies, she set up shop outside a marijuana dispensary.

Here are the 2016 Presidential candidates who are the most likely to legalize marijuana in the next election.

Politician that support marijuana this election

Myths about weed have run rampant since the days of reefer madness. Fortunately, times are changing and our acceptance of marijuana has paved the way for a better understanding of how it affects us.

The NFL has long been against the use of marijuana, perhaps to maintain their idea of a good public image.

NFL and marijuana

It’s easy to forget successful CEOs are people just like us. They lead the largest corporations in the world, put their socks on the same way each day, and also enjoy the herb.

CEOs who admit to smoking marijuana

If you have ever woken up feeling extra foggy after the previous night’s heavy smoke session, you may have a weed hangover, and you are not alone.

Weed hangover

Let’s take a look out how you maximise your high and get the biggest bang from your buds.

How to maximize your high

Recent advances in light-emitting diode or LED technology have caught the attention of leading cannabis cultivators. Now you can grow better cannabis with LED lights.

Grow better cannabis with LED

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