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Miroslav Tomoski is a political reporter at Herb. He studied US politics at the University of Windsor and has been reporting as a freelancer since the 2016 election. His work has taken him across 30 states and – in the hopes of making it to all 50 – he is now looking for a good reason to go to Oklahoma.


One of the first things cannabis consumers learn is the dichotomy between Indica and Sativa. This is what makes stimulating sativa so different from its couch-locked cousin.

Caught off guard by the terminology? Read our guide to weed weights.

Several nugs of weed sit on a scale. Read our guide to weed weights to learn more about the common terms.

Learning the cannabis life cycle starts with understanding these 4 stages.

A cannabis plant in the vegetative stage of the cannabis life cycle

What is Kush? Only one of the most famous strains in cannabis history.

What is Kush? Three people share a joint in front of some trees

These are the most common concerns about cannabis side effects.

Hash has been consumed for centuries across the globe. But what is hash exactly and how is it made?

In this article, we answer the question: what is hash? Here, a woman is shown opening a wrapper with hash inside

While technically still flower, many people are wondering; what are moon rocks?

What are moon rocks: Moon rocks in a hand

If you’ve ever wondered how cannabis gets its aroma, then you’re really asking what are terpenes.

What are Terpenes? A man sniffs a nug of cannabis

You may have seen it, or heard of it, but what is bhang? And why is it so important?

What is Bhang? A woman licks her blender.

Weed prices vary from state-to-state, and city-to-city—are you getting a good deal?

Is the entourage effect real, or just a marketing ploy?

What is the Entourage Effect: A woman holds a nug of cannabis to her nose to smell it

Have you asked yourself what is a percolator, but been too afraid to ask? We’ve got you covered.

What is a percolator: Two women hitting a bong

Read this before smoking weed after surgery

A man in a hospital window smoking weed after surgery

The internet seemed divided, so we sent our photographer to find out what its like smoking weed before a tattoo.

Smoking Weed Before a Tattoo: A tattoo artist with gloved hands operating a machine on a mans arm.

You know Indica and Sativa, but what are landrace strains?

A landrace strain grows in the wild, but what are landrace strains? Find out more in this article

The right lights can make or break your grow.

A cannabis plant light from above by LED grow lights

There’s nothing more devastating than cannabis pests destroying all your hard work.

Aphids (Aphidoidea) on a pear tree branch. Aphids are one of the most common cannabis pests.

It’s important to recognize early signs of cannabis diseases so you can treat them before they destroy your plants.

Here, a weed plant with a cannabis disease is shown. In this article, we feature the common cannabis diseases including powdery mildew and gray spot

Some growers swear by aeroponics. But what is aeroponics exactly and is it something you should consider? Here are the pros and cons.

In this article, we answer the question: what is aeroponics? Here, an aeroponic garden at O'hare airport is shown

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