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Tobias is a culture reporter at Herb. His work has also appeared in The Stranger, Leafly News, Vice, Broadly, and—most importantly—Thrasher.

The cannabis movement wouldn’t be where it is today without these amazing people.

No need for expensive lighting. This robot moves plants towards the light.

The World's Cutest Robot Will Move Your Plant In And Out Of The Sun

Traveling to the Netherlands? Russia? This weed slang guide will make sure you’re never dry.

A woman smokes a joint during a march calling for the legalization of marijuana along Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 6, 2017. Weed slang for a joint in Brazil is a beck, in case you’re looking for a single-serve in the country.

The study’s authors set out to see whether legalizing medical marijuana would lead to an increase in workplace deaths. But instead of an increase, they found a significant decrease.

Workplace Deaths Drop in States With Medical Cannabis. Here, an Industrial worker is shown cutting metal with many sharp sparks

Machine learning might be the key to identifying sick cannabis plants long before the problem becomes apparent to the human eye.

Close-up of a cannabis plant. A new startup aims to use AI to identify sick cannabis plants with the snap of a photo.

The wearable tech can be used to do things like order an Uber or change TV channels.

This Wearable Tech Device Can Be Commanded Using Thoughts

Marijuana toxicity in dogs can cause vomiting and a low heart rate, among other symptoms.

Canadian Vet Warns Dog Overdoses from Cannabis are on the Rise

Herb hears from patients about how they found the best CBD oil for IBS and what it’s done to transform their lives.

Best CBD Oil for IBS: How Two Patients Found Relief From Irritable Bowel Syndrome

CBD products are still technically illegal under the Controlled Substances Act, but hops might be the loophole the market needs.

A worker in the Czech Republic steps on hops during harvesting. Hops might be the loophole the cannabis industry needs to produce fully legal CBD.

A recent study found cannabis can actually help people maintain their weight. Drinking, on the other hand, can lead to what’s now being called the “drunchies.”

Cannabis campaign contributions are growing in local and federal elections, but, apparently, they’re still a problem for some people.

Nikki Fried, shown here, lost her bank account over cannabis campaign contributions

There’s a dire need for cannabis banking as a multi-million dollar industry continues to be deprived of basic financial services.

Brendon, the manager of the cannabis store 'A Greener Today,' stores cannabis in safes in the store's backroom on March 14, 2014 in Seattle, Washington. Because federal laws still prohibit the sale of cannabis, stores don't have access to a legal cannabis banking system.

Elon Musk’s weed joke had a lot of folks speculating about the techie’s love of herb.

Elon Musk, CEO and CTO of SpaceX, CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors, and chairman of SolarCity, attends the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference on July 7, 2015 in Sun Valley, Idaho. Recently, Elon Musk’s weed joke sent investors into a panic. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Pennsylvania’s medical program just got flower and one dispensary was trying to celebrate with dollar grams. The state’s health department, however, wasn’t having it.

Pennsylvania Dispensary Gets in Trouble for Selling Dollar Grams. Here, a man is shown holding some a nug of bud in his hand

Caramel Chocolate Chip is the new Girl Scout cookie that herb lovers will be hard-pressed to resist.

A hand holds a box of Girl Scout cookies. The newly announced Girl Scout cookie flavor is definitely for stoners

In most states, employees can be drug tested and discriminated against because they use cannabis legally.

A nurse holds blood samples in a laboratory. A court in New Jersey has ruled that employees can be drug tested because they’re marijuana patients.

Many patients use medical marijuana for stomach issues. Now, research is emerging about why cannabis for IBD, or bowel inflammation, is so effective.

Cannabis For IBD: Study Explains Why Cannabis Works For Bowel Inflammation. Here, a young woman is shown preparing homeophatic medicine from a marijuana plant.

Legalization always comes with a lot of debate about zoning for dispensaries near schools and other areas likely to have kids. But a new study finds that might not be warranted.

A joint is passed from one hand to another at the annual Pro 420 Cannabis Day in Copenhagen. Denmark 20/04 2014. A recent study found neighborhood dispensaries don't increase adolescent cannabis use

The ‘Shark Tank of Marijuana’ is looking for the next weed millionaire. Will it be you?

The Marijuana Show, aka the Shark Tank of Marijuana, is looking for the next weed millionaire. Here, we see a woman smoking a joint.

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