An Arizona-based firm bought an entire town in the Mojave Desert in the hopes it will become a tourist attraction, but the county might not let that happen.


After Wiz Khalifa threw the first pitch, the Pittsburgh Pirates found themselves reprimanded by Major League Baseball, after he was seen endorsing weed.


Empire Wellness took CBD crystal isolates one step further and began infusing their CBD crystals with terpenes for additional health benefits.

CBD isolates

Thanks to a new ruling, people in certain Swiss cities can legally possess up to 10 grams of weed, all without fear of being prosecuting by authorities.

That’s if you live in Maine, though, which is just about to enter the market for recreational weed.


Charles Frederick White has been behind bars since 2015, with authorities looking to lock him up for at least 24 years, all for growing your favorite herb.

Charles Frederick White

After appearing in a video that calls for more investigations as to Russia’s involvement in the U.S. election, Russian media has lashed out at the actor.

Russian Media

At a surprise birthday party thrown by his now wife, Dave Franco suffered his first-ever panic attack after eating a weed cookie, which only things worse.

Dave Franco

On October 1, new edibles regulations go into effect in Colorado with the aim of keeping edibles and other cannabis products away from children.

Edibles Regulations

Police officers will now need to operate under new limits that were imposed by a new ruling from Massachusetts’ highest of court.

field sobriety tests

The University of Maryland’s pharmacy school has canceled classes that offered certifications in cultivation, assessment and laboratory standards.


Cameron Smith was allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint from the parking lot of Lucid Marijuana, the store in Cheney, Washington where he worked.

Cameron Smith

The Golden State’s lawmakers are putting in place more laws, which includes the banning of edibles that resemble particular shapes of candy.

Gummy Bear

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Dr. Oz stopped the show in its tracks when speaking out about how weed is the solution of the opioid epidemic.

Dr. Oz

A mother and son duo were arrested in Iowa after the 10-year-old attempted to sell his mom’s weed stash to classmates.


A small rural school is doing its part to help crack down on students using weed, by printing an ad for local police in the newsletter.


There’s progress in the Lone Star State, with Texas issuing its first license, with other licenses possibly being on the way.


Due to the United States’ immigration and weed policies, an undocumented Iowa youth is still in jail and could be sent to Mexico, all for a gram of weed.

Luis Quintana Alvarez

UK-based GW Pharma is looking to expand its production of weed for medical use, which is mostly exported to the United States.

GW Pharma

In Cut’s “Strange Buds,” three ex-cops smoke weed, which leads to an elevated and entertaining debate about the benefits of your favorite herb.


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