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Best Dispensaries In Fall River, MA

We know that every city has its shine.

In Fall River, you are going to find a unique blend of urban and suburban living, full of shopping stores, cultural attractions, and a lot of cemeteries. The city has around 80,000 people and a lot of history around the textile industry.

Recreational cannabis has been legal since 2019. It’s not much time, but it’s enough to have excellent dispensaries selling the best cannabis products in the state. We tried to choose dispensaries with a variety of characteristics so that you could pick the one that best suited your needs.

Northeast Alternatives

Photo courtesy of Northeast Alternatives

Northeast Alternatives was born after the founder, Chris Harkins, saw how the use of marijuana as a medical treatment helped his father overcome cancer. Northeast Alternatives now serves the Fall River community with the main purpose of helping people dealing with conditions that traditional medicine cannot treat.

Northeast Alternatives is not a regular retail dispensary. They are located at 999 William S. Canning Blvd., Fall River. They have managed to have not only the most specialized medical service in Fall River, but are also responsible for growing multiple award-winning strains.

Most of their menu is produced in their laboratories at the highest standard. It’s going to be difficult to find something similar in this beautiful town.

Nature's Medicine

Photo courtesy of Nature’s Medicine

Most of the cannabis sold around the world is for recreational purposes, but there is an important market for medical use that Nature’s Medicine is reaching.

Nature’s Medicine can be found at 482 Globe St., just a few blocks from Kelly and Kenney parks. They have an unusual dispensary with antique furniture and an old-fashioned theme. Nature’s Medicine works every day to provide the Fall River community with alternatives to traditional medicine for a variety of conditions.

They have a knowledgeable staff that can assist you in locating the best cannabis solutions. Nature’s Medicine offers a wide variety of products that include extracts, oils, edibles, topicals, and more. If you are worried about anything medical, try reaching out to Nature’s Medicine; they probably have a solution for you.


Photo courtesy of Sunnyside

Sunnyside is the perfect example of what every dispensary should look like. They have an engaging interior design that makes you want to stay, and the best quality products in the state of Michigan.

Sunnyside has multiple locations around the US, one of which is located at 1 West St. in Fall River. They have one of the largest selections of products on the market that include flowers, edibles, vapes, pre-rolls, and many other things ready for you to discover.

Purchasing cannabis from large dispensary chains always provides added security. If you’re looking for something specific while in Fall River, Sunnyside is a great option.

Solar Cannabis

Photo courtesy of Solar Cannabis

Visiting a dispensary with modern amenities is always a pleasant experience. Solar Cannabis is a place with beautiful design, a wide catalog, and very good customer service.

Solar Cannabis has five points of sale, ample parking, and straightforward access. They are located at 1735 Fall River Ave., near the Seekonk Speedway and the Fear Town Haunted House.

The location of Solar Cannabis is ideal for purchasing marijuana and spending a fun day full of varied experiences because there are so many things to do nearby. It’s a lot of fun to go to a haunted house or a racetrack while high. Maybe you don’t want anything too intense; there’s a comic book store across the street where you can spend hours reading Stoned AF.


Photo courtesy of Bask

Bask is a dispensary run by neighborhood veterans who strive to provide the Fall River neighborhood with the best cannabis knowledge and products every day. Since 2018, they have focused on three main goals: helping the environment, helping people, and helping the community.

Both medical and recreational users are always welcome in this place of union. People in Bask put a lot of effort into doing whatever they can to support the environment. Every process is as environmentally friendly as it can be; for instance, the majority of activities taking place in their greenhouse and dispensaries are supported by solar energy.

Bask’s cannabis is of very high quality because it is grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Dispensaries like Bask, located at 2 Pequot RD, Fair Heaven, just 20 minutes away from Fall River, are good options for those users concerned about climate change and contamination.

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