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Best Dispensaries In Fresno, CA

If you're wondering where to find the best cannabis products in Fresno, we've got you covered.

California became the first state to allow the consumption of medical cannabis and legalized recreational use in 2016, which has generated an incredible boom of dispensaries throughout the state.

Fresno is a city in the San Joaquin Valley in California, where it is possible to find different dispensaries that offer a wide variety of products of the best quality.

Although even today with the legalization, it is a bit difficult to find many dispensaries in Fresno, so there are many cannabis delivery services.

Here are some of the best dispensaries you’ll find in the area.

Embarc Cannabis Dispensary

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Photo By Embarc Fresno

Embarc is a modern cannabis dispensary dedicated to community, culture, and education. They select high-quality cannabis from around the state and offer it the best prices possible.

Their mission is to make cannabis accessible, and they strive to deliver the message of weed education at their dispensaries. Whether you’re a regular consumer or just starting out, Embarc’s budtenders are ready to advise and walk you through the experience of choosing the right products for your specific needs.

Speaking of products, Embarc carries the top brands and products in California, not to mention their own line of flower under the Embarc x Traditional collaboration, including the following strains:

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Embarc firmly believes in giving back, which is why they donate 1% of their sales to each community they operate in. This dispensary could not be friendlier, and their close-knit staff makes it feel like home. 

Everything from the modern interior design to the welcoming budtenders makes this dispensary one of the best, if not the best, in the area. See below for more details about location, hours, and contact, and check out the recap video of Embarc’s grand opening in Fresno.

Location: 4592 N Blackstone Ave Suite 103, Fresno, CA.

Hours: Open daily 8am – 9:45pm

Phone: (559) 420-7999

Website: goembarc.com


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Photo By Cookies

Cookies is a cannabis brand with different dispensaries across the country. The dispensary serving the Fresno area is located in Coalinga.

This line of dispensaries offers quality products and great customer service. Cookies represent a lifestyle of quality, excellence, and taste, as reflected in their dispensary layout and wide selection of products.

You can get advice on what you are looking for and the dispensary person will be happy to help you find the best cannabis products for you.

Tribal Nation Flower Company

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Photo By Bravo Adventures

Tribal Nation Flower Company is a Native American cannabis dispensary that exclusively offers Native American cannabis products.

Products are carefully selected and are grown or created on Native American land.

Consumers can trust that the marijuana for sale is “indigenous cannabis” at its core, meaning that the company works with a handful of other tribes throughout California to ensure that the plant is grown, harvested, packaged, and sold only by indigenous communities and tribes.


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Photo By WeedMart

Strictly speaking, WeedMart is not a dispensary but a delivery service. They know that it can be a confusing and difficult process to find a reliable delivery service for cannabis, so they have developed a specialized delivery service.

WeedMart is a delivery service for cannabis products that operate in the Fresno area, even though the city has placed certain limitations on cannabis.

In this service, you find medicinal and recreational products alike. With a simple ordering and delivery process.

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