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Best Dispensaries In Mt. Shasta, California

Check out the best dispensaries in Mt. Shasta and prepare for a blast.

Mount Shasta is a gorgeous city in northern California. When visiting this natural wonderland, you will need some goodies to give you a solid high.

Mount Shasta is located nine miles away from the namesake volcano. This potentially active volcano is a beautiful sight to behold, but there are other interesting places to visit and thousands of acres of nature to immerse yourself in.

When visiting California, you will undoubtedly want to smoke some premium herb. We are here to provide you with a list of the five best dispensaries in Mount Shasta, you get to pick a few and explore the wonders that this city has to offer.

The Green Heart

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The Green Heart is one of those places that excel in customer service. Their goal is to provide the best service and the best advice for any cannabis consumer. Everybody can have a pleasant experience with weed if used responsibly. The Green Heart is a perfect dispensary option if you are ever near MT. Shasta.

The Green Heart is more than a dispensary. They are a collective that provides the best cannabis products for the state of California. They have worked for decades to offer top-quality service. In their store, you can find the best selection of cannabis flowers, vape cartridges, edibles, and medical products.

Despite not being as large as dispensaries in Los Angeles or San Francisco, they have won the Best of Weedmaps Award two years in a row (2020 and 2021). This award represents the high quality of service they offer. Their place is small but cozy, and you can find it easily because it looks like an old RV.

In The Green Heart, you can find many world-class California cannabis brands such as Peak Leaf, Stiizy, Buddies, and more. They have daily exclusive deals, and their signature candy, Happy Ranchers, is back in stock. Tyson Ranch is also available at the lowest price from Mike Tyson himself in The Green Heart.

Elevate Shasta

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Mount Shasta is full of beautiful landscapes and fun activities to do. Elevate Shasta has a wide variety of cannabis products for you to enjoy while out in the wild. They sell all the top cannabis brands, but they also have their own brand, Sugar Cones.

Their store has a very cool atmosphere. It looks like a mountain cabin. Online reviews really emphasize how friendly the workers are and how comfortable the experience is with them. Elevate Shasta believes that customer service is key and assures that no matter how many clients they have, everyone will receive excellent attention from day one.

Aside from cannabis products, they sell high-quality, well-designed merchandise under their brand. You can find hoodies, beanies, pet toys, stickers, and more.


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Thanks to the hard work of places like MSPC, the medical uses of cannabis are growing exponentially. It is unfair for many people that a plant that can help with many conditions is still so stigmatized around the world.

Cannabis has a lot of beneficial effects, Leaving aside its recreational purposes. In the Mount Shasta Patients Collective, they can guide you with everything you need. Their customer service is mostly focused on medical patients.

A lot of people have conditions that traditional medicine cannot treat. If you are ever in Mt. Shasta, take a visit to MSPC. They have qualified workers that can help you find a useful product for any condition. On the internet, you can find many reviews from patients who were helped by them, and many testimonies can help you too.

Recreational customers are also welcome. They have a wide variety of products for every taste. In MSPC, all patients earn 2% reward points for every purchase, and these points can be used as store credit.

La Florista Cannabis

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Common dispensaries are just a retail store where you enter, buy something, and leave. In La Florista, the experience is totally different. They focus on offering travelers a last stop in California to enjoy their best products. They have live music, comedy nights, karaoke, and more. Also, they offer some board games to hang out with some friends.

For stoners that travel around the United States, this is a must-see dispensary. La Florista is located in Weed, a little town 12 minutes north of Mt. Shasta. It has such a friendly environment with so many activities to do that can be easily included as a tourism location.

La Florista is not just a top-quality dispensary. They work hard and pay close attention to a lot of details that make this place worth visiting. La Florista is a whole experience where you can even rent rooms for the night. This store is more like a tourist place where travelers from across the country can just hang out and enjoy some good weed.


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A good dispensary not only sells the best cannabis products but accessories and clothing are also really important. Blaze 1 is different from other stores near Mt. Shasta. They not only have a good dispensary service, but they also offer a wide variety of different items.

Blaze1 is located in Dunsmuir, a little town just 15 minutes south of Mt. Shasta. They have a lot of different cannabis brands, and also they have their own clothing brand with amazing stuff. But the real hidden gems inside their store are their dab rigs and bongs. Everything is handmade, and the designs are mind-blowing.

Every stoner understands how crucial it is to have stylish accessories, and with their dab rigs and bongs, you will be the envy of your smoking circles. They have so many cool items with prices that start at $150 and can go up to $800. They are all handmade and with impressive details. You can check their website or contact them for any custom products.

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