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The Best Dispensaries In Syracuse, NY

Syracuse dispensaries have the best quality weed and customer service to match.

Syracuse, NY, is no slouch with weed legalization in the state. 

From online purchasing options to a great selection of products and exceptional customer service, these dispensaries are the best choice for all cannabis consumers in Syracuse, NY. 

If you’re just passing through or are from the area, be sure to stop by the best weed dispensaries in the city of Syracuse.


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MedMen is a dispensary that always steals the show. Their good customer service, as well as high-quality products, make it almost impossible to ignore this dispensary.

At MedMen it is possible to find one of the best product selections in all of New York, where they sell marijuana edibles, flowers, prerolls, vaporizers, concentrates, and CBD products.

And not only do they have excellent quality products, but the staff is also up to the task. They are highly trained and respond in a friendly and guided manner to all questions, as many as necessary.

The budtenders and cannasseurs are extremely friendly and guide the shopping experience smoothly. 

MedMen was created with the goal of de-stigmatizing cannabis, and we believe they have succeeded, raising the bar and the overall experience.

Etain Medical Health

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Etain Health is a feminine, family-owned business focused on quality products that make a difference.

The founders of Etain saw firsthand the benefits of cannabis in the matriarch of the family and wanted to bring them to as many people as possible, a business that was born out of the need to highlight all that cannabis has to offer and to bring that wellness to as many people as possible.

At Etain, they grow four strains of their own (Dolce, Mezzo, Balance, Forte), each with a particular ratio of CBD and THC. It’s a friendly and helpful dispensary that puts your needs first.

Etain Health is New York’s only family-run, woman-owned medical cannabis company.


Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary

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Sunnyside Medical Dispensary is a chain of high-quality dispensaries across the country.

Purchasing any product at Sunnyside is quite simple, and you can always count on expert guidance throughout the process.

Here the customer service is impeccable, and they always seek to resolve any doubts that may arise in the shopping experience. 

At Sunnyside they have a mission to light the way about cannabis, sharing the benefits and goodness it has to offer.


Vireo Health

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Vireo Health of New York medical marijuana dispensary, located near Johnson City and Binghamton, NY, focuses on providing the best cannabis care and products to their patients. 

With a wide selection of medical marijuana products, and friendly and helpful staff, the shopping experience at this dispensary is one of a kind.

Vireo Health is a physician and pharmacist-led dispensary that is dedicated to providing the best care to patients. This includes making sure patients are able to purchase premium cannabis products that reduce or alleviate their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

The entire staff at Vireo Health wants to help patients find the best cannabis and marijuana products for them. 

Whether it’s cannabis flower in many strains, soft gelatin capsules, oral solutions, vaporization cartridges, vape oils, cannabis candies, cannabis topicals, among others, Vireo Health makes their patients’ needs and concerns their number one priority.

The Best Dispensaries In Brandon, VT

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