Double Dream Marijuana Strain

22% thc0.1% cbd

Do you love Blue Dream? Double Dream is a well-balanced offspring from the famous strain. This bud promotes an easygoing vibe and a dreamy, euphoric relaxation.

CerebralCreativeEuphoriaFocusedGigglyHappyPain ReliefRelaxedSocialUplifting

Double Dream combines two famous parents to create a fascinating blend of flavors, effects and medicinal applications for medical or recreational consumers. A nice choice for a daytime strain, this herb will have marijuana enthusiasts feeling like they’re walking through a dream.


Double Dream Experience

Double Dream is an updated version of Blue Dream. A cross between Blue Dream and Dream Star (Blue Dream X Stardawg), this marijuana strain has a delightfully floral/fruit aroma and a happy, dreamy high. Not too sedative and not too speedy, this strain provides a balanced experienced all around.

Recommended for experienced marijuana consumers, the THC in this bud can get quite high.  This strain averages about 20 percent of the psychoactive cannabinoid, but the herb has tested as high as 26 percent. Novice cannabis consumers may find that they are a bit anxious or paranoid with this strain. Though, veteran consumers will likely enjoy the easygoing and chill vibes this flower inspires.


Traits of Double Dream and Double Dream Seeds

If marijuana enthusiasts enjoy the combined effect of Blue Dream and Dream Star, they’ll surely enjoy this flowers combination of flavors and aromas. The trio of sweetness, spice and berries is one not many marijuana enthusiasts would expect from a Sativa. It’s even more unexpected given the simple floral aromas this strain offers — only when combusted does it reveal its complexity.

Nugs themselves are dense if a little unremarkable. An average amount of trichomes coat the light green leaves and rust-colored pistils. Don’t sleep on Double Dream though, it’s magic starts when it’s lit up.


Medical Benefits of Double Dream

This strain’s parent plant, Blue Dream, as long been treasured by the medical marijuana community. Add in the mood-elevating properties of Dream Star, and cannabis fans will find a potent and effective remedy.

  • Medical cannabis consumers often pick up Double Dream for the management of pain, especially mild aches and inflammatory pain
  • Some find that this weed has an almost narcotic effect on the body, relaxing muscles and easing uncomfortable tension
  • However, this bud is joyous and mood-boosting overall. Recreational and medical marijuana consumers alike tend to enjoy Double Dream for stress relief, fatigue, and to promote a calm focus