Lavender Marijuana Strain

19% thc1% cbd

Lavender is an Indica marijuana strain. Every bit as soothing as the plant it is named after, this herb will leave marijuana consumers feeling sleepy, uplifted and hungry.

ADD/ADHDAnorexiaDepressionInsomniaLack Of AppetiteMuscle SpasmsNauseaPainPTSDStress

Bred by Soma Seeds, Lavender is a potent Indica hybrid with plenty of calming and sedative effects. Often used for muscle spasms, this strain produces a powerful body-centered high.


Lavender Experience

While the name may sound sweet and innocent, this Indica packs a punch. This strain’s THC content nears 20%, and it has even gone as high as 27%.

Like the traditional lavender flower, the cannabis version has very calming and sedative effects. This strain has some complex genetics. Bred by Soma Seeds, Lavender is a cross between Super Skunk, Big Korean Skunk, Afghani, and Hawaiian.

This flower is excellent for easing away the wintertime blues. It’s a great rainy day strain and can also help you relax into a deep sleep.

The high THC content and sedative Indica effects make Lavender best for evening or nighttime use. Of course, marijuana enthusiasts might also like this strain when you have some extra time to kill.


Traits of Lavender and Lavender Seeds

The plant itself tends to have an exotic look. It produces deep purple hues and spicy, dense buds. The tips of the leaves feature a dark purple coloration that marijuana growers will be itching to show off.

Though this strain has a unique floral scent, it also has a hash quality that marijuana enthusiasts will immediately recognize. This is thanks to its Afghani genetics.

This spicy hash smoke makes for a smooth, enjoyable inhale and exhale that immediately relaxes and soothes cannabis consumers.


Medical Benefits of Lavender

As soothing as its namesake, this strain offers medical marijuana patients a sense of ease and relief.

  • Patients tend to use this medical marijuana strain for relief from stress conditions like PTSD
  • It also has had good results with easing muscle spasms and intense bodily pain
  • This strain will give you the munchies, so folks who struggle with appetite or anorexia may also enjoy this mellow, calming herb
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