XJ-13 Marijuana Strain

XJ-13 Weed; XJ-13 Cannabis Strain: XJ-13 Hybrid Marijuana Strain
22% THC 1% CBD

XJ-13 is an easygoing hybrid that produces calm and creative effects. If you are looking for a sociable strain that will ease anxiety and promote conversation, this flower is it.

Muscle Spasms

XJ-13 Experience

XJ-13 is a stimulating and easygoing Sativa-dominant hybrid. Light and airy, this strain lifts mood and provides an all-around happy experience. For those who love a bit of a Sativa high but want to avoid raciness, this strain is for you. This hybrid is a cross between two very famous strains, G-13 and Jack Herer.

As you may expect, a little Indica lineage thrown into the mix amps up the physical relaxation of this strain. Though, the overall experience is largely mental. One unique characteristic of XJ-13 is its high THCV content. THCV is a lesser-known cannabinoid that is currently being studied as a potential diabetes drug.

This strain is a great one for social gatherings. Talkative and joyful, this strain has a way of making people feel relaxed and at ease. The THC content in this strain can get pretty high (up to 22%), so those new to cannabis should proceed carefully. This herb’s stimulating effects are powerful enough to make it a great daytime strain. Experienced marijuana consumers will want to take a few puffs of XJ while you sip on your morning coffee.

Weed enthusiasts can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • XJ-13 The Clear, a solvent-free cannabis concentrate with THC content up to 96%
  • Other XJ-13 cartridges are available from Toko, Rxhale, and Harmony Farms
  • Companies such as Elemental Wellness, Trinidad’s Higher Calling U and Leaph Cannabis also produce XJ-13 wax.

Traits of XJ-13 and XJ-13 Seeds

Some marijuana enthusiasts believe XJ-13 was created as a way to overcome parent plant G-13’s lack flavor. If that’s true, this strain represents a real mission accomplished. Pleasing tastes of spice, sweetness, lime and pine combine for a truly unique taste.  

This strain produces some seriously dense nugs that are almost neon in their green. Marijuana fans will rejoice to see the thick frosting of trichomes slathered on all surfaces of the bud, letting consumers know they are in for a THC rich experience.


Medical Benefits of XJ-13

Aside from its flavors and recreational effects, this strain offers a number of medicinal applications will thrill marijuana patients.

  • Medical cannabis patients tend to find great migraine relief from this strain.
  • Those with chronic fatigue, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety also tend to do well with this happy hybrid.
  • Medical marijuana patients can also expect some relief from fatigue ADD/ADHD, muscle spasms and some PMS symptoms.