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Edmond, US


We are a medical cannabis dispensary located in Edmond, Oklahoma. Specializing in a variety of cannabis flower, extract, edibles, and cartridges, we source from Oklahoma’s most reputable growers and processors. Our products have been lab-tested long before hitting our shelves! Farm to table & family owned operated.

Recently, we have grown our business to include processing. Now we offer house-made products including edibles, cartridges, pre-rolls, and extracts.


ALL products on Weed Maps are while supplies lasts. Call to confirm we have the product you are searching for!

About Us

Flower Prices

Micro Buds:

$4 a Gram/$10 an Eighth/$20 a Quarter/$35 a Half/$65 an Ounce

Baby Bud Tier:

$6 a Gram/$20 an Eighth/$35 a Quarter/$50 a Half/ $80 an Ounce 

Mid Tier: 

$8 a Gram/25$ an Eighth/$40 a Quarter/$65 a Half/$100 an Ounce

Top Tier:

$10 a Gram/$30 an Eighth/$45 a quarter/$80 a Half/$140 an Ounce

Exotic Tier:

$12 a Gram/$35 an Eighth/$55 a Quarter/$90 a Half/$160 an Ounce

$35 Eighths Exotic shelf. Wednesdays and Fridays they’re $5 off!

Everyday Deals!!

$15 Full Gram Red Elephant Vape Cartridge 

$25 Ounces of Premium Shake

$9 Grams of Eden Rose Extracts Concentrate (Available In Multiple Strains)

$25 500mg Bag of Ganj Gummz

$7 125mg Nurd Rope Candy Edible (New Flavors Available)

10 Prerolls for $20 (Available In Multiple Strains)

$10/$15 Infused Prerolls/Palms/Infused Blunts (Rippy Sticks/Palms/Bunts)

(Prerolls painted in concentrate and rolled in kief)


First Time Patient Deal:

 An 8 Pack of Prerolls or a 100mg Bag of Ganj Gummz/Rainbow Nuggz with purchase

All Prices on Product Are Out The Door Pricing. (Tax included in the pricing.)

15% Veteran Discount


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    First-Time Patients

    First Time patients have the choice between a pack of our 10 for $20 Prerolls or a 100mg bag of Ganj Gummz or Rainbow Nuggz for a penny, with purchase.


    We Ask That All Customers Entering To Be Considerate of Other Shoppers & to practice Social Distancing if Possible. Online Orders MUST Be Picked By The End of The Day.

    State License

    Medical Retail: DAAA-SUFV-K7JY

    1333 N Santa Fe Ave STE 104,Edmond, Oklahoma 73012, U.S.
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