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Located in the middle of the bustling Los Angeles retail district, Elevate is as much part of its surrounding community as is the community we have developed inside. Come visit us and whether you are a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or just starting your exploration, you will find our knowledgeable staff waiting to assist you in finding what you need.

We are a compassionate company, providing our community with safe access to cannabis products for healing and wellness. Our goal is to educate and provide an elevated experience for our customers and community. And with that to create a place where people feel safe and comfortable exploring the healing possibilities of this plant medicine with the guidance of knowledgeable professionals.


We are proud to make this space a key part of our local community that contributes to education and the healing connection we all share.

Elevate offers a large variety of high quality cannabis products and brings the convenience of delivery to your front door. We carry a wide range of product types, ranging from flower, concentrates, edibles, vaporizers, CBD and topicals, all within varying price ranges. Brands carried include Connected, Alien Labs, THC Design, STIIIZY, PlugPlay, 710 Labs, Select, Canndescent, Raw Garden, Jeeter, Lowell, Kiva, Camino, Papa & Barkley, Dosist, and so much more.


We also offer convenient curbside pickup at our storefront (8018 W 3rd Street Los Angeles CA, 90046).

Cash ONLY for curbside orders.

First Time Patients receive 30% off IN STORE ONLY.

Leave us a review on Weedmaps and receive a $5 discount on your next order! *Cannot be combined with 30% off Discount*

We also offer a 10% Veterans Discount (applied manually after checkout).

Menu prices do not include taxes (9.5% Sales Tax and 5% Medicinal/10% Adult Use Tax).

All sales are final. Please be advised we do not accept returns or exchanges.

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­Early Bird Specials


-10% Off Orders Over $50 Pre-Tax

-25% Off All Fresh Flower 1/8ths

-20% Off All Ember Valley 1/8ths

-30% Off All Elevate Brand 1/8ths


Limited Time Offers

Marathon Cultivation: 30%Off All Marathon Cultivation 1/8ths

Select: 30% Off All Select Products

Feeling Frosty: 20% Off All Feeling Frosty Concentrates

Cali Kush Farms: 30% Off All Cali Kush Farms 1/8ths

40% Off All Cam 1/8ths

45%  Teds Buds 1/8ths



-Puff Pops: Buy A Puff Pop Pre-Roll, Get The 2nd For $1

-Raw Garden: Buy Two Diamond Pre-Roll Packs. Get The 3rd For $1

– House Weed: Buy 7g House Weed, Get A 1g Cartridge For $1

-Almora: Buy Two Almora 1/8ths, Get The 3rd For $1

-Canndescent: Buy Any Canndescent 1/8th, Get A Pre-Roll For $1

Cure Company: Buy Any Cure Company 1/8th, Get A Pre-Roll For $1

-Lift Tickets: Buy A Lift Ticket 1/8th, Get A 5pk Pre-Roll For $1

-Kush Co: Buy Any Kushco 1/8th, Get A Pre-Roll For $1 (Kushco Og)

Stiiizy: Buy A Stiiizy Black Bag 1/8th, Get A Exclusive Pineapple Runtz .5g Pod For $2

-Stiiizy Concentrates: Buy Any 2 Stiiizy Concentrates, Get A 3rd For $1 (Forbidden Zkittles)

-Northern Harvest: Buy A Northern Harvest 1/8th, Get A Pre-Roll For $1

-Laughing Gas: Buy Any Laughing Gas 1/8th, Get A Gram For $1

-Mohave Reserve: Buy A Mohave Reserve 1/8th (Jar), Get A Pre-Roll For $1

-Mohave Reserve: Buy Two Mohave Reserve 1/8ths(Jar), Get A Gram Of Concentrates

-Delighted : Buy Two Delighted 1/8ths Get A 3rd 1/8th For $1

-Ember Valley: Buy Any Ember Valley 1/8th, Get Two Pre-Rolls For $2

-Cali Blaise: Buy Two Cali Blaise Grams, Get The 3rd For $1

Gelato: Buy Two Gelato Cartridges, Get A 3rd For $1

Gelato: Buy Two Gelato Disposable, Get A 3rd For $1

-Raw Garden: Buy Two 1g Cartridges, Get The 3rd For $1

-Heavy Hitters: Buy A Heavy Hitters Disposable, Get A 2nd Disposable For $1

-Jeeter Juice: Buy Any Jeeter Juice 1g Cartridge, Get A Yellow Battery For $1

-Mary’s Medicinals: Buy Any Mary’s Medicinal Patches, Get Another For $1 (Cbn Patch)

-Smokiez: Buy Any Two Smokiez Live Resin, Get A 3rd Live Resin For $1

-Punch Bars: Buy Two Punch Bars, Get One For $1 (Mix N Match)

-Dr. Norms: Buy Two Dr. Norms Edibles, Get The 3rd For $1 (Mix N Match)

Wyld: Buy Any Two Wyld Gummies, Get A 3rd For $1

-Select Bites: Buy Any Select Gummies, Get A 2nd For $1 (Orange Matter)

Breez: Buy Any Breez Product, Get A 2nd Breez For $1

Promotions Are While Supplies Last And Excluded From Other Offers.

Promo Items Are Pre-Selected*

*All Flower BOGOS Are Excluded From Any Additional Discounts*


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    First-Time Customers

    First Time 30% Off Entire Purchase! (Excludes 710 Labs, Feeling Frosty, Punch Extracts, Papa Select)

    710 Labs 15% FTP

    Feeling Frosty 15% FTP

    Punch Extracts 15% FTP

    Papa Select 15% FTP

    FTP and referral discounts applicable in-store ONLY.


    Last call is at 9:45pm.

    Free customer parking is available at the Shell Gas Station after 5pm.

    Check out our Photos tab for parking information or feel free to call us if you have any questions.

    State License

    Adult-Use Retail: C10-0000312-LIC

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