Green Kong



Perris, US


Green Kong is a destination, not just a dispensary

Visitors to Green Kong’s Perris dispensary feel like they have entered into the exotic surrounds of the jungle as they relax on leather couches and take in the lush living plant wall.

Bathed in the soothing light guests enter a world where they can learn, experience and enjoy.

It is a go to destination for the cannabis connoisseur as well as the CBD curious.

About Us

The symbol of the power and majesty of the gorilla is feared and respected in equal measure. It is also something of a mystery to mankind; our closest cousin after chimps and bonobos with what some believe as much depth and understanding as humans.

Which is still misunderstood and yet to be discovered.

For Founder of Green Kong, it was completely perfect to encapsulate everything she is trying to achieve with her dispensary and range of CBD products. She says:

“For me the gorilla was the perfect image for Green Kong. We all know about King Kong – who was powerful and at the same time gentle. He had huge strength and yet grace and care.

This is how we see cannabis and CBD.

It has huge power – it is thought to have the ability to cure huge amounts of pain. And it can deliver that in a gentle way.

For us here at Green Kong, we also want to educate and inform with care and respect. So people using cannabis and CBD, whether as regular user, or a new consumer, feel a sense of trust in us.”


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    First-Time Customers

    First time patient 10% Off

    ATM available – $2.75 surcharge

    Debit Card transactions available In store and for deliveries – $3.00 surcharge

    No delivery fee just minimum required (check city listings)


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    State License

    Adult-Use Retail: C10-0000189-LICMedical Retail: C10-0000189-LIC

    1281 W Oleander Ave,Perris, California 92571, U.S.
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