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Denver, US


Unique and proprietary strains, from small batch grows, ensures excellent and consistent flower over and over again. Ask your budtender where they get their flower, and time after time you’ll hear KAYA.


KAYA began with three best friends from Boulder who shared a passion for their community, a taste for high-quality cannabis, and a dream to run a dispensary that had premium flower that was affordable for our friends and family. As that dream became a reality, we needed a name that fit who we were, so we settled on “KAYA” (it means ‘beautiful’, but it’s also Jamaican slang for marijuana).


Colorado is our home and we love doing business here. We will always remain a locally owned and operated group of dispensaries because we like meeting our customers and getting to know our community. We like to think of ourselves as a craft marijuana company: we grow all of our product in small batches, personally hand-trim it, and do an extended cure (which is like barrel-aging beer but doesn’t sound nearly as trendy). We develop our own genetics and strive to create new and unique strains for every batch. Make sure to come in often because our strains fly off the shelves!

About Us

Our Promise: The cannabis company that gives back time after time  to make the world a better place. With every purchase a portion of our profits goes back into the community that’s shown us so much love. We believe that together, we are all a community and we believe in giving back to that community. Every month and every year, we give to local non-profits to show the kaya of the world. The Gathering Place, Denver Homeless Outloud, Toys For Tots, Food Bank of the Rockies, and The Wounded Warrior Project are just a few non-profits we’ve helped in the past. Know of a worthy non-profit? Lets us know!


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    1075 S. Fox Street,Denver, Colorado 80223, U.S.
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