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Sacramento, US


KEEPING SAC LOUD WITH DAILY DISCOUNTS (not reflected on Weedmaps Menu):

Please be advised:

*If your ID is expired, broken and/or in pieces and taped together, we cannot accept it and another form of verification will be required for entrance.

*We are unable to offer curbside pickup past 6pm so please make sure you come before then.

*We will not be able to fulfill a curbside order with any minors present in the vehicle, you will have to come inside to finish your purchase.

*All sales are final unless a product is deemed defective, if it is deemed defective by a manager, they will exchange the product for another of the same kind. No subs will be made.

*All promo items, if shown on our menu, are ONLY AVAILABLE with the corresponding Promo Purchase and cannot be ordered by themselves. (1 per guest allowed – unless otherwise specified)

Thank you for your understanding.

Discounts: CAN NOT be stacked UNLESS it is your birthday, then you may receive one more 10% discount related to our daily deals. In total no more than 20% can be stacked as a discount.

LOYALTY POINTS: Loyalty Points are earned with every purchase and can be redeemed for credit. 500 points earns you $10 credit, 1000 points earns you $50 credit! (Discounts cannot be combined, but Loyalty Points may be used on discounted items/orders.)

Prices: All prices seen have taxes included, no hidden fees or jumps in price after making your decision.

Monday: 10% off all concentrates (not including vape cartridges)

Tuesday: Happy Hour from noon to 3pm! 10% off your WHOLE order

Wednesday: 10% off all edibles

Thursday: Buy one cartridge, get one 25% off

Friday: 10% off all indica flower

Saturday: 10% off all sativa flower

Sunday: Pick Your Poison, choose any of our amazing Daily Deals (Happy Hour only 12-3pm)

Exclusions may apply*


10% off your first order

10% off on your birthday (the only discount that may be stacked)

10% off for those 60 & older

15% off for Veterans

About Us


Express Orders can be placed over the phone or online via Weedmaps from 10am until 7:30pm. Please allow 20 minutes for your order to be processed.

Curbside Pickup! Available from 10am-6pm. Please call when you arrive to receive service. Also please make sure no minors are in the car as well as your ID ready. We no longer do curbside orders after 6pm.


  • Accessible

  • Minimum Age

  • ATM

  • Curbside Pickup

  • Security

  • Brand Verified

    First-Time Customers

    Adult use – 21 or older with valid ID accepted

    Medical use – 18 or older with valid ID and Medical Recommendation accepted


    State License

    Adult-Use Retail: C10-0000520-LICMedical Retail: C10-0000520-LIC

    6492 Florin Perkins Rd.,Sacramento, California 95828, U.S.
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