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The biggest provisioning center in southwest Michigan is now open for Recreational Sales! Our Drive-Thru is now open for Pre-Orders only. Life is great, no wait!

DEALS VALID 1/9/22-1/14/23

🍃Fawn River Fresh Flower Specials

 $8 or 4/$24 1g premium pre-roll

$20 – Pretty Papers, .5g (5pk) pre-rolls

$12.50 – Crazy 1/8ths, pre-packed, select strains

$72.50 oz smalls, pre-packed, select strains

$82.50 oz, pre-packed, select strains


Fawn River Flower Everyday

Low Prices


$17.50 per (1/8th)

$35 per 1/4th

$55 per 1/2

$100 oz


Non Fawn River Flower Prices


$22.50 per 1/8th

$45 per 1/4th

$65 per 1/2

$125 oz

Non Fawn River Flower

$30 – Molotov 21, 3.5G



2/$20 – Hype 1G

2/$30 – Kola 1G


2/$50 – Breeze, Candy Cane



4/$24 – Fawn River Premium 1g

2/$20 – MI Loud Flower 1G, Lemon Cake OG, Lyshee OG

4/$40 – HOG 1G, Angel Cake, Florida Oranges, Moltov 19, Triangle Mints

2/$25 – Altumate Michigan Cannabis 2G, Blue Mojito Fatty or Blue Mojito Slim




4/$20 – Ripple, Quick Sticks, Gummies, Quick Dissolves

3/$35 – Fresh Coast, Live Resin Gummies

2/$20 – Chewii Gummies (200 mg)




2/$20 – Kola, Diamonds & Sauce (1g)

$30 – Monster Xtracts, live

resin sauce on the rocks (1G)

$25 – Red Bud Roots 1G Cured Resin Budder

$55 – Rkive Reserve, Glookies Tier 2, Hash Rosin, (1g)

$30 – Rise, RSO Live Resin (1g), Distillate Dart (1g), or RSO (1g)


🚗Drive Thru Open for Pre Order Only

First timers Free Fawn River Premium Pre-Roll of their choice for a penny


while supplies last

Prosper is on a mission to inspire complete wellness and joy through a total customer-centered approach and top-quality cannabis products.

About Us

When your health and wellness are on the line, we don’t play around. Prosper Cannabis offers premium medical and recreational cannabis products paired with extensive first-hand knowledge to give you the quality of wellness you deserve.

We offer a full-spectrum cannabis approach, whether we’re out growing or in-store serving you. Each member of our MI cannabis dispensary team makes a promise to listen first and guide second. Our team of Cannsultants will help you meet your health needs with the education that empowers you to make informed decisions – both mental and physical.

At Prosper’s cannabis provisioning center, your needs are heard. Whether you are an experienced user or new to cannabis, we are here to be a part of your journey to complete health and wellness.


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Fawn River is Prosper’s in-house cultivation company with the freshest flower around. Our Mission at Fawn River Cultivation is to be a trusted brand throughout the cannabis industry. We want all our customers to know they are getting cannabis products of the upmost quality. We can make that promise by utilizing our 65,000 sq ft of cultivation space to grow new strains by using your feedback along with industry trends. You can always trust we will grow some tried-and-true strains, as well. Here at Fawn River, integrity is everything. We strive to grow it right and will not be satisfied with anything less.


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    First-Time Customers

    First time customers get a Fawn River preroll of their choice for a penny.


    Fawn River Flower

    $5 g

    $17.50 (1/8th)

    $35 (1/4th)

    $55 (1/2)

    $100 oz


    4/$24 Fawn River Pre-Rolls

    $12.50 Crazy 1/8ths pre-packed, select strains

    $20 Pretty Papers

    $72.50 oz, smalls, prepacked, select strains

    $82.50 oz bigs, packed, select strains

    State License

    Adult-Use Retail: AU-R-000662

    621 Industrial Drive,Constantine, Michigan 49042, U.S.
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