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About Us

ReLeaf Solutions is a Medical Cannabis Dispensary located at San Juan, PR

Our medical cannabis patients have access to a wealth of knowledge and a large selection of premium products.

Releaf Solutions specializes in medication therapy counseling services, where the conditions and the current medications the patient is taking are analyzed to determine which medical cannabis products are right for them. From there, Releaf Solutions can set up a treatment plan, and follow up to track the patient’s progress. All these services are provided by a team of doctors and pharmacy consultants with years of experience practicing medicine.Our mission is to supply San Juan patients the support and education they need to improve their quality of life.

Connect with a team committed to your well being, visit Releaf Solutions.


At Releaf Solutions you can find a premium medical cannabis products. We offer a variety of strains including rare cultivar like Raindance, Golden Nugget and Wookies. Our patients love Tu Medicina concentrates and Anani vape cartridges.

Releaf Solutions is a one-stop shop. Patients can find high-end vaporizers, batteries, grinders, and many more accessories. San Juan patients can rest assured, Releaf Solutions selection of medical cannabis is safe. All products are lab tested by facilities approved by the Puerto Rico Department of Health.

Service Locations

This medical cannabis dispensary is located at Central Hato Rey area in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 


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    First-Time Patients

    First time patients enjoy 20% OFF in all medical cannabis products. (20% offer applies to regular price and cannot be combined or applied to daily store deals.)


    We have available a 15% discount for Veterans, employees of the medical cannabis industry in Puerto Rico and 11.5% for active members of Free Juana. Contact us for more discounts and information about our Releaf Rewards.

    State License

    Medical Retail: CM-2018-059

    Releaf Solutions, Avenida Luis Muñoz Rivera,San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918, U.S.
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