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20% off Sale on all Edibles, Vape Carts, and Concentrates!

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Limited parking in rear and street parking available.

DAILY SPECIALS:  Monday 10% off Edibles, Tuesday pick any daily special, Wednesday Gold Tier Concentrates 3 for $75, Thursday Manager Special items 30% off, Friday 1g King Cones 6 for $50, Saturday Buy 2 get 1 Half Off any Vape Cartridge, Sunday 10% off Bronze Shelf Flower.



About Us


Solace Meds is a Denver Recreational Marijuana Dispensary. Catering to a vast clientele of recreational cannabis users, Solace Meds has the largest selection of top-quality cannabis products from strains to concentrates to edibles, at affordable prices. The dispensary team at this Denver recreational dispensary are knowledgeable and well-educated about the products they carry at Solace Meds. Their dedication to the cannabis community is expressed through their personalized, professional, and friendly customer service. Solace Meds invites recreational and medical marijuana users to visit their renovated Colfax location, the variety of marijuana products and overall welcoming atmosphere proves why Solace Meds continues to be the leading recreational marijuana dispensary on Colfax. Staff The team at this Denver dispensary strive to personalize every cannabis customer’s experience. Their attention to detail and knowledge of their cannabis products allows for them to recommend specific marijuana products to their Denver marijuana customers looking to alleviate personal discomforts. Solace Meds is committed to their clientele, their superb customer service skills and experience assure all cannabis connoisseurs they are receiving what they need to achieve overall wellness, and they are always available for any marijuana related questions, concerns, or consultations by phone or via Facebook. Solace Meds offers an extensive menu including the highest quality strains like Sour Diesel, Grape Ape, DMOG, Spec Ops, Hemlock, Gorilla Glue, Lucinda Williams, Black Eyed Katy, Flo, Blueberry, Rocket Fuel, Bio-Diesel, Lemon Diesel, and Sour Joker cultivated and perfectly cured to achieve the most potency tested at Gobi Labs, a well-respected cannabis testing facility with over 30 years of experience.Their selection of extracts includes a wide array of companies from all over Colorado. We offer wax, shatter, distillate, bubble hash, live resin, rosin, and crystals ‘n sauce. This Denver recreational dispensary also carries vape cartridges from The Clear, V3, Ebbu, EvoLabs, and a collection of O-Pens in assorted indica, sativa, hybrid, and Craft Reserve. Solace Meds carries edibles like gummies, cookies, mints, Cheeba Chews, drinks, brownies, tinctures, chocolates, honey, caramels, taffy, and hard candies. The topicals at the Fort Collins dispensary are available in patches, balms, creams, and lotions that are perfect for cannabis users who prefer this alternative method. They also offer smoking and vape accessories including things like batteries, glass pipes, lighters, and rolling papers. 



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