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Munchy Monday – Buy one edible, get the second 50% off

Top Shelf Tuesday – 15% off all Top Shelf Flower

Aqua Wednesday- 15% off Aquaponics items

Hash It Out Thursday – 15% off on all Dry Sift Hash, Rosin, & other Solvent-less Products.

Funky Friday – Choose your favorite Monday-Thursday discount

Super Saturday – 3/50 Shake

Everyday Deals

OTD PRICES (Tax Included)

-3 for 65 on all Sunday Extracts Cartridge’s & Concentrates; 1 for $25

-Vertica Flower Hour From 4pm-6pm (15% off)

-Happy Hour from 10am-11am (10%) & 8pm-10pm


Strain of the Week (OTD)

$9 Grams

$30 Eighths

$60 Quarters

$120 Half-ounce

$200 Ounces.

About Us

Discover the difference at Vertica Dispensary. Vertica strives to give Oklahomans an organic, earth-friendly way to buy cannabis from the farm to your local retail dispensary. Vertica works to create the best stores, best products and offer the best, most knowledgeable service to our customers.

As the premier aquaponically grown cannabis company in Oklahoma, we are committed to giving you a product that is greener from the start.

Our story begins in June of 2018, when voters approved making Oklahoma the 30th state where it is legal to sell medicinal marijuana. From that moment, our founders set out to discover the best techniques to provide the best products, the best service, and the best stores in the state. Vertica is the result of that exploration.

Unfamiliar with the term “aquaponics?” You may have heard of hydroponics, which is where plants are suspended in fresh water pumped into a tank. Growers must then use chemicals to supply nutrients.

AQUAPONICS is the more natural organic solution. And fish in the tank make the difference. We feed the fish, they feed the plants. We don’t need to add chemicals. In fact if we did, it would harm the fish. So healthy fish mean healthy plants, and healthy plants mean more natural, higher quality products.

In our dispensaries, you will find guides who can steer you through your journey with Vertica. They will listen as you describe your needs and explain how specific products are designed to address those needs. You choose the destination and the path. We have the experience and expertise to help you get there.


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    Vertica Cannabis is Oklahoma’s premier producer and distributor of aquaponically grown flower. Come see us today to discover the organic way to medicate!

    Veterans and Seniors, and Students receive 10% off all purchases

    State License

    Medical Retail: DAAA-4Y2I-FYA8

    1729 W Main St,Norman, Oklahoma 73069, U.S.
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